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Been struggling with this decision for weeks now so I figured I would reach out to fellow developers/gamers. I am in the market for a new laptop...a beast. I wanna spend around $2500 tops and I LOVE the Alienware M17x. But reading some of the experiences have me thinking twice so I have been looking at the Clevo's...more precise the Sagers sold at and such. Well built, good systems, maybe not as fancy looking as alienware but I could put better components for less. So not only am I struggling with the whole HDD vs SSD thing but I also don't know if I want an M17x or a Sager. So I am reaching out for help. Like I said I wanna beast, 17 inch or bigger screen, 8 or more GB of RAM, i7 740 or better, RAID 0 (maybe SSD or HDD), video card not a biggie because anything in this system will suffice.
So do I go with the look of Alienware or the Sager/Clevo? I am a software developer and I deal with .NET and SQL...any info is appreciated. Thanks...
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  1. hey pwbriggs23 welcome to tomshardware.
    Now at your problem.
    Check out the asus g73 its a beast.With 2500 bucks you can get a well customised version.check out ebay it has a lot of trusted also has the looks too!
    there is even a model that has dual hard drives so all you have to do is swap one for an ssd,altough there are are models with ssd.Here is a trailer in youtube to see:
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  3. I would recommend to wait a month for sandy bridge however if you can't wait get the Sager NP8760 with i7 940XM and a primary drive as SSD, it will all cost you around 2500$-2600$
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