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Really hope someone can guide me through this mess

I have installed the latest VB on my Win 7 64 bit pc.

The first problem is that there is no wizard. It's not too much of a drama yet, just a weird issue.

The Big issue is: I'm trying to install Win 2008 Server on VB every time I press start i get "Virtualbox - Runtime Error" stating The error displayed: "Cannot access the kernel driver! Make sure the kernel module has been loaded successfully."

Then only Abort button available and click on it displayed error: "Failed to open a session for the virtual machine..."

I have uninstalled and re-install VB three time so far (doing a registry clean each time to ensure a clean installation) however, the same issue persists.

I would greatly appreciate your advice

Cheers Dom
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  1. Win 2008 Server < is it 64 bit?
  2. AMD Radeon said:
    Win 2008 Server < is it 64 bit?

    Hi, Yes it's Win 2008 64 bit iso
  3. Have you installed the latest 4.2.6 and associated extension pack?

    I've seen this a couple of times on older versions, there is a thread on the VB forums about it. In both cases following the thread and finding the vboxdrv.inf and selecting install cured it for me. This may or may not work if you're on 4.2.6.

    For what its worth the thread is here

    It's possible the VB install is being hindered by your AV, might be worth disabling that just while you install VB.
  4. Try running Virtual box 4.2.6 as Administrator and/or in compatibility mode for WinXP SP3....worked for me with Win7 32bit
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