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I just bought a Duron 700Mhz CPU and I know that AMD CPU's generally generate alot of heat. So I bought a CoolerMaster heatsink and fan, which is made of copper. I think that it's power enough to cool my CPU (my vendor says it's powerful enough to cool down an Athlon 1.2Ghz CPU), but just to make sure I don't waste money, I'm asking everybody's opinion here. Is a CoolerMaster's heatsink/fan enough to cool a Duron 700Mhz CPU?
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  1. Of course. Coolermaster makes the best heatsink/fans. You can go to AMD's website to find out their recommendations on heatsink/fans.

  2. Yes it's certainly good enough, even for OCing, but it's not the highest performing solution as galam suggests.
  3. The best is the FOP38 from Global Win, but they should include some earplugs in the package.

    Anyhoo, CoolerMaster will do a good job for you.

    - Better go Green than Blue!
  4. My coolermaster does a better job cooling then my FOP-38 ever did. Unfortunately my FOP-38 was an early version that did not include earplugs so now it is a paperweight.

    - JW
  5. What you have is perfectly sufficient for the Duron even if you overclock. It is predicted to be ok for Athlons @1.7Ghz!! not too sure how they work that out as it is 4 degrees hotter than the Globalwin under stress. I have TaiSol CGK742092 which is excellent. It is only slightly less effective than the Globalwin but is almost silent and cheaper.
  6. OF course it is. A Duron 700 doesn't generate THAT much heat. You've mostly been hearing rumors. The only reason people think that AMD chips produce alot of heat is because if you take the heatsink and fan off for 5 - 10 seconds you can fry the chip. Big deal! :smile:
  7. lol! :)
    yeah, they tend to make mountains out of molehills, those people:)

    if you *install* it *properly*, you'll be fine... put it improperly and the best HSF in the world won't help your sorry burned out CPU:)

    (a cheerfull thought for ya:)
  8. Weird.....I just bought a Globalwin fop38 and installed it. as I rebooted, my system crashed as soon as I got into windows. So I went ahead and set my cpu to it's default values. When I checked the temp, my cpu was running hotter than ever. When I would boot into windows, I'd get all kinds of blue screens and illegal operations. As soon as I put my stock AMDretail fan back on, my problems went away. What's going on here?
  9. Never mind guys......I figured it out. stupid me installed the heatsink the wrong way
  10. if you upgraded the voltage a litle bit you have two check that the headsink is attached properly. I did it wrong with my t-bird 800 runnung at 1000 and smoked it. (expensive smoke at that time.)
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