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Removing XP

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December 1, 2002 2:06:54 PM

I've used a HD from another computer as a second HD. However I'm unable to remove a corrupted version of XP from it. It creates a problem at bootup because I'm offered 2 OS's to choose from. I want to eliminate the XP that is on the second HD. Any ideas?

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December 1, 2002 4:09:01 PM

What is another OS? Win98 or WinME, etc?
What boot sequence settings in your BIOS? Boot from HD thst contains corrupted WinXP OS or another?

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December 1, 2002 4:11:20 PM

Both Os's are Windows XP. One on each drive. The older drive holds the corrupted version which I wish to uninstall.
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December 1, 2002 4:19:44 PM

Which OS that have the file <b><font color=red>boot.ini</b></font color=red>? or both of them have?

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December 1, 2002 5:57:28 PM

Why can't you just pick the other OS to boot from?

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December 1, 2002 9:24:35 PM

Sounds pretty simple. Boot into the version of WinXP on disk 0 (the version that isn't corrupted.) Edit the boot.ini file to remove the second version of WinXP (the corrupted version) on disk 1.

Then format the second hard drive, by right-clicking the disk 1 drive letter under My Computer, choosing Properties\Format, and then selecting the type of file system.

That's about as easy as it gets.

<A HREF=";EN-US;Q289022&" target="_new">HOW TO: Edit the Boot.ini File in Windows XP</A>


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