Need help with locking heat sink onto T-Bird

I bought an Athlon T-Bird 1Ghz (retail version) and an Abit KT-7 Mobo earlier this afternoon. Right now I need some help getting this heatsink/fan to sit on top of the CPU and attach properly to the socket on the MoBo. The heatsink/fan btw is the standard fan that came boxed with the retail T-Bird 1Ghz that I bought.

The problem is that I can't get the top locking clip on the heatsink to reach all the way down to the lug that it must connect to on the socket of the MoBo. I can attach the bottom clip just fine but then it seems that I would have to actually bend the metal clip to make the top one connect.

You know what I mean so far? It seems that I would have to exert a lot of force that could squash the CPU below. So what’s the trick to this? Please reply ASAP if you know anything about this. I'm lost...I guess I'll go back to the store if I can't figure it out.
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  1. It's supposed to fit real snug. In fact, the clip is made to bend so that there is pressure on the heatsink. The best way I've found to attach the set is to place the bottom clip first (the one without the tab). The use a flathead screwdriver or small pair of needlenose pliers to attach the other side.

    Be gentle when doing it, just move slow.
  2. I agree.. It seems like you're going to break the motherboard or the CPU, but they want a tight fit. I had to use a pair of needle nose pliers to get mine on.

    merry xmas
  3. Here is a link to AMD's official, SocketA, heatsink, installation document.

    Hope it helps.
  4. Is this fan an orb? If so unscrew the fan counterclockwise a little then put it on loose. Then when you have both attached screw the heatsink down until snug. Do not overtighten... you could crack the cpu. Later
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