Blue Screen Problems, not sure how to go about asking for help...

Hello, I've just recently (due to bluescreens) reworked my entire computer. Reseated everything. Installed drivers (from disc) for everything that could possibly need drivers. Clean install of Windows 7 on my SSD after a reformat. But I am still continually getting BSOD's of a great variety... I've come to a few conclusions:

1. My video card is bad
- There are a lot of Nvidia BSOD's, however the driver is 100% up to date off Nvidias site.
2. My ram is bad
- Interacting with my Video card maybe?
3. There is some little punk driver somewhere causing one major problem.

System Specs:
Windows7 64-bit
P8Z68-V GEN3 Asus Motherboard
GeForce GTX 460 Graphics Card
8G DDR Corsair RAM
8.00.10 BIOS Version (seems old, but it's off the driver disc and I've no clue how to update this)
Intel Core i5-2500 @ 3.3GHZ
750-Watt Power Supply
120GB Force GT Corsair SSD
500GB Caviar Blue HD

Everything is brand new EXCEPT for the Video Card and Ram.
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  1. edit; trying to upload my minidump files onto skydrive but giving me some error saying the files are empty.

  2. 1. check the Firmware version of your SSD and update it if needed
    2. try to run it with only one ram stick. If the BSOD continue, try the other stick.
    3. Mobo BIOS and update tool / instructions here:
  3. Looks like your issue might indeed be video card or RAM.

    Try this:
    If your motherboard supports integrated video (some don't), take out your video card and run on integrated video for a bit and see if the BSODs continue.

    If you can't do that, take out all memory modules except for one. Run it on that one and see if that prompts the BSODs.

    I would recommend creating a Hirens Boot CD and utilize some of the options available to attempt to resolve your issue.

    I would recommend memtest86+ and run several iterations and see if it makes something kick out.
  4. My solution for the RAM problem is this;

    It will be here tomorrow. My memory was outdated anyway.. I wasn't about to test 4 sticks of RAM when spending 50 bucks could save about 12 hours of testing.

    As for the firmware of my SSD.. I'm having trouble locating a solid link to that; Corsairs website doesn't really provide one for a Corsair Force GT 120GB SSD.
  5. Where did you get 12 hours from ?
    Download memtest86+ Burn image to disc. Run disc. If something is wrong it will flag it pretty darn quick. If it does then pull ram one at a time and test again until you get no issues for say 3 tests, once you think you know which Ram is bad put it in on its own. Test it, it throws an error. Problem solved.

    Last time I had to test my Ram it took about 1 Hour.

    Mactronix :)
  6. Last time I had to memtest off a thumb drive, not sure if that makes a difference in time, but it took pretty damned long. I also have 4 sticks.... AND I'd have to clean off the kitchen table to work on it. ;DD Either way, the RAM will be here tomorrow and I can eliminate the RAM testing and causing problems all together. The BSOD's have been plaguing me for quite some time, i'll take just about any solution at this point.

    edit; i've no burning software, anyway ;\

    After installing some more updates that windows asked me to, namely Windows Service Pack 1 (the Devil), I was barraged with BSODs related all to Nfts. Needless to say, I rolled back my computer to before the update, unchecked that sumabich and nothing has gone wrong yet.
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