''Windiows media player/vlc has stopped working''

My first time here, but really looking forward to some advice on how to deal with this issue.

Every-time I try to open media file (let's say: .xvid) either from WMP or VLC, it gives error message
WMP/vlc has stopped working
Windows is checking for solution of the problem

Then after 2 seconds or so I get the following message;

WMP/vlc has stopped working
A problem caused this program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify it when solution is available

Then when clicked on close the program option, it closes WMP/VLC whatever was tried this on.

Win7x64 (Fresh installation)
Processor: P4
Ram: 4GB

I actually have no clue why this problem is caused and I've already done following thing;
Update windows
Try to update software (they are already latest ones)
Try different codec's
Try different account with Admin access
Install and replace flash player

Note: While running youtube vid's, flash plugin's seems to be crashing too and they are already updated.
Browser tries, Mozilla Firefox/Chrome/IE

Any and all help on this will be appreciated and I'm sorry if this was repetition of someones same issue, but I couldn't find one when I searched :/
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  1. uninstall any codec packs

    such as klite etc

    sometimes codecs get broken/corrupted

    vlc should work without codecs installed
  2. @mcnumpty23
    Already done that. I even tried with separate shark codec pack for win7x64 (without having K-lite on). I even tried running VLC alone and uninstalled all codec pack's. Problem still persists.
  3. Having similar problem. Also Win64bit. For me the message shows up when I close VLC, after a media has been played
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