Gaming Laptop w/ 3000$ budget

I'm currently looking for a gaming laptop with a 3000 AUD budget. I'm looking to buy from this website:

I would like to do some heavy gaming, but I'm not sure if I sure use it also for word and such for uni/work in the future or stick with my mini notebook for uni/work.

I was quite interested in the X7200 but the only thing is the battery life that is putting me off, I wouldn't mind the weight TBH.

I'm confused at the Asus laptops as there are so many on the website and all similar specs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated please!

Thank you!
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  1. You'll want the best GPU, Core i7 and 1080p screen.

    If you go for brands, then Dell XPS or Vaio F-series. Alienware is just overpriced gimmick. Otherwise, Asus G53 looks decent. Do some research, post your links here and we'll let you know.

    Laptop advice guide:
  2. How much battery life do you need ?
  3. I was thinking of maybe one of the Asus' on the website, but there are about 5 of them and they are all so similar.
    I was wandering if you guys could tell me which one is best?

    Or maybe on from MSI like,

    There are also quite a bit of Asus' laptops, but just not sure which one. There are too many.

    Thank you!
  4. I was hoping for maybe 2+ hours?
    As the X7200 only goes for maybe a max of 1 hour.
  5. any help as to which gaming laptop i should get, Asus or MSI? If there isnt really anything I might go with the X7200, I'm just hoping or something similar with a little more battery life.
  6. If you need 2hrs of battery life,then go with ASUS G73JW(with GTX 460M),the battery life lasts for 2-3hrs.
  7. also, is the GTX 480M that much better than the 460?
  8. Between those,Clevo X7200 will give you the best gaming performance and shortest battery life.
    And GTX 480M is about 30% faster than GTX 460M.
  9. thank you for your help everybody!
    I think I'll be getting the X7200.

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but it is still possible to upgrade to better GPU and CPU in the future for the X7200 right? So long as it fits?
  10. Future CPUs(Sandy bridge) is a no-go because it requires a different socket.
    As for VGA,GTX 5xxM series aren't out yet so no one knows if they are compatible or not.
  11. Do SB CPUs work with laptops? Or is there a "M" series?
  12. There will be mobile series. But they won't be compatible with current chipsets.
  13. thanks!
  14. check
    or go with

    Asus is amazing for full HD video and gaming, and Sager well is pure insanity for gaming :)
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