help with heat problem please p3 600 overheating

Can anyone please help me... I have a p3c 2000 asus mobo and a p3 600 100 mhz katmai processor with a very peculiar problem.
idle my CPU temp is about 26 to 28C which i think is pretty normal even low,... however if i startup a game like for instance unreal tournament or simply try to run a scandisk my kernel usage goes to 100% in some cases .. my cpu temp goes up 60!!C to 80c and more.. even 95c once.. This only happens seemingly if my hd`s are very busy. Why would the cpu heat up whe my hd`s turn on ?? could it be my powersupply ? i just amn completly clueless as i never encountered these problems before with any processor.. full specs are :
p3 600 katmai 100 mhz 512kb cache
128 mb generic 100 mhz
asus p3c 2000 mobo (yeah i know it sucks)
two hds 4.3gb maxtor and 17 gb maxtor
hp 9110I rewriter
pioneer DVD 6x
generic floppy
dynalink pci 56k modem
creative geforce 256 sdr
diamond mx300 sound card

please anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. The P600 and P600B Katmai were scorchers baby! They were basically overclocked Katmai cores (albeit probably good yield cores) and could cook better than George Foreman's GRiLL! Don't believe me? Take a look at the Sspecs and notice things. They have the highest heat dissipation of any Katmai and of course Cumine. It's not just because of higher Mhz either. The 450 and 550 differ by 5 watts. The 600 is nearly 5 W higher than the 550.. that's 10 W from the 450!!! Smoooooking. Moreover it's do to the 2nd thing to notice. The ultimate giveaway.. The 600 and 600B Katmai are the only processors that require 2.05 VOLTS!! Overclocking at it's BEST.

    If you've got retail fan/heatsink, I'd say it's time to pop that off and get a really good Katmai fan/heatsink.. coolermaster, globalwin or something.. sand the surface of the heatsink, get some thermal paste, and make sure that thing is attached on there good.. and never let the bios or OS shut the cpu fan off. There were a lot of 600 Katmai returns due to heat problems..
  2. But still i think it is very strange that a processor runs idle at 30C tops .. and fully busy hits 95C tops.. This is insane with any processor.. btw i plugges in my good old celeron 266 without cache while im typing it is runnning rock steady at 400mhz ... with the same mobo and other specs ... as mentioned above .. only much slower performance longer laodtimes but also lower cpu temps.. max 38c at full load..idle it says 30C i mean i can believe that. As for the cooler i am using it has two fans and a huge heatsink underneat i specially bought it to cool down my cpu .. it`s a titan ttc-dp30ttb

    i`d say that oughta cool it down .. though i dont know hoe well titans rate as cooling devices.. also i noticd imperfections on the processor die could this cause the wierd things i am witnessing with my cpu ?
    Finally if so can i do something about it. A technical engineer advised me to put a piece of aluminium on the die .. i`m thinking more in terms of thermal paste but have never done this before...

    ayone please help me i really am lost..
  3. I'm sorry I should have addressed your Hard Drive question.. and this will clear it up. Ok you have booted up and you are just sitting there looking at a desktop. The cpu is idle as you indicated.. meaning it is doing nothing or very little. Now if we have a processor that is overclocked and it is not being cooled efficiently for this.. (meaning running out of spec even though it is marked that way by Intel. Come ooon I mean .18 mu Mendocino cores had a hard time doing the 600Mhz dance. So a .25 Katmai.. no way jose) then as soon as it gets under load by accessing data from the hard drive and begins to process it. It will heat up very quickly. No the Celeron doesn't because it's cooled enough for it's operating conditions (because it's not running at 600Mhz, which as mentioned more than the Katmai really could handle not to mention the L2 cache modules and if the mb auto selects voltage then it's not having 2.05 volts pumped through it either.) Now again I stand by my first suggestion. It's a cooling problem. If you think your current heatsink/fan is good enough. Then sand the surface of the heatsink that touches the cpu with fine grand sand paper. Use thermal paste. 60-70 C is not so bad and was normal for a lot of the 600 Katmais (yes even that is out of spec for it's max..but that's the way it is). 80-95 C is way too high, and it will die on you eventually at that heat level. I saw too many kick it. You have no warranty if you are not using a retail heatsink/fan on it.. so try to cool it the best you can (meaning good case ventilation and maybe a different combo) and if goes bye bye.. chuck it up to experience..

    As to the pits on the core. That's not imperfections.. they're all like that. And yes they do hinder heat transfer. Sanding the heatsink will help as it too is not perfectly smooth on a microscopic level. Using thermal paste will help as well. There is a hack job process called lapping a cpu which would remove those imperfections.. but I won't detail the process. Someone wants to know bad enough they will find that info posted somewhere on the net. I've done it several times on cpus and if you are slow careful and realize what your goal is.. it can help a lot. At the same time you can destroy the cpu if you hurry at all or do not know for sure what you are doing. And by all means.. do not use a piece of aluminum inbetween the heatsink and processor. The heatsink is made out of Aluminum and it's not the greatest heat conductor. We mentioned imperfections on the cpu and heatsink that hinder heat transfer. By sticking another piece of aluminum between them you are introducing two more sides of imperfections where air gets in those imperfections and slows heat transfer. Thermal paste.. Radio Shack.. 2$ If you haven't been using it (been using a thermal pad or nothing at all), use it.. always.. good luck
  4. Chord, thanks for the info and effort i really appreciate it !! i have solved theproblem myself with an old bx mobo (DFI) i had lying around i transfered all my stuf unto it and now there is no more heat problem.. As a mateer of fact the cpu runs at 25 to 32 now.. Thye problemwas and is the asus mobo .... apparently it heated up the processor a lot while the BX doesnt .. So either the Asus baord is defective .. or not to compatible with my katmai processor. only things i am missing now is an agp 4x slot.. the Bx has a normal agp1/2 slot... but anyway the performance is about the same so i dont care . I`m just glad the problem wasnt with the CPu but with the mobo. i think i will get a new mobo thow cause my 17 gb hd ia ultra ata 66 .. and my bx board doenst support that only 33 ... well cant have it all ... any boards yuo can recomend????
  5. well shame on me.. I didn't even look at your components. I still wouldn't have guessed the motherboard for giving bad voltage or something to the processor, which it's probably doing ORR it's just misreading something. I guess that whole 600 thing just strikes a nerve since I've seen so many that run hot like that. And for me ..BX is still King!!! Asus P3B-F forever for me. Aaah anyways I guess you could try an i815 board, but I can't recommend one as I haven't used em. It's funny ..there's some post over in teh MB forum where some guy wity your Asus board asking .. how could aaaall of you apparently informed readers buy ASUS? I have a p3c 2000 and it sucks! lol too funny. Can't make wine from sewage.
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