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I have a Westall router and don't know my security
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  1. Do you know the password to get into your router's setup?
  2. There is always a reset button on your router. If you dont know your passwords anymore, just hit the switch and the default settings and password will be back.

    For more information about the default settings password and were you can find your reset switch please check your routers manual.

  3. I'm not familiar with your router. The routers I am familiar with can be reset to default values including the setup password. Consult the OEM website.
  4. howardmorgan4 said:
    I have a Westall router and don't know my security

    If you are talking about the wireless key it is normally on a sticker of some type on the router. If you are talking about the default password you are going to need the model number.

    here is a website that has a list of different models and manufacturers.

    For a westell router the username is normaly admin or CSG and the passwords are password, SESAME, sysAdmin, or no password at all (as in blank).

    took me less than 30 seconds to google it. =/

    Keep in mind that if you or someone else changed it you are more than likely going to need to reset it to default settings to regain access.
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