AMD vs. Pentium

I'm planning to build my first computer. However, I don't know which processor I should get. Anyway, I need advice for the best performance processor from you guys. Thanks a lot!
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  1. Here we go.
  2. Questions to ask first:

    What do you want to do with it? Games? Rendering? Word Processing?

    Would you rather have something which is a little faster or something which is easier/faster to assemble or which works right out of the box(es)?

    What is your budget?
  3. LOL.. go Bubba go
  4. please read earlier posts on the amd v intel saga.

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  5. I don't know! I just wanna build a best performance computer =) The budget is $3000. gotta go now! I really need advice! Thanks!
  6. Then read earlier posts. Sorry, but I think most folks a burnt out on the constant same arguments. For 3000 dollars though making a good p4 based computer would be a little harder, but not imposible. Go to and start shopping. Personally I'd look for a fast(800mhz+) p3 or Athlon/thunderbird chip. Asus/abit motherboard for either, or intel boards are ok too for intel chips. Both chips perform very well and both are relatively cheap though amd chips cost less. If you do decide you need a p4 wait until the next version comes out. It will have problems corrected as well as an upgrade future. For specifics though read all the 50 million posts on the matter. Don't be so lazy- read through the board.

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  7. get the Intel pentiumIII 'cause it's WAY better than the Athlon! hehe.
  8. if its your 1st own build computer yould better go for the
    intel, its usualy a bit easier to build.

    I want a tbird
  9. But since you have 3000 dollars to spend I'd go with the fastest thunderbird. Also faster thunderbirds may come out on that platform so you can upgrade. P3 1ghz, may be as far as it goes.

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  10. hehe, I just saw the title of the thread and shivers went down my back... flashback: oh no, not again! :(
    still, there's this irresistable urge, and I finally clicked and read the thread... luckily, no casualties yet:)
    Only a matter of time, or are we maturing (or as people pointed out, simply worn out of the AMD/Intel/P4 ramble)?
  11. Definitely get an iMac :)
  12. Go for a TRS 80 from radio shack
    This thing rocks!

    its a pre-built system

    64kb of RAM running at over 1mhz

    you also get a monitor and a keyboard

    oh and you will never have to worry about hard drive swapping - it doesn't have one!

    i think you can even play games on it if you hook up a casset player

    You don't hear much about this baby on the forums but that's because its owners are busy computing and not tweeking - just shows how stable it is.
  13. here we go again!

    get the latest Athlon (thats 1.2 GHz as of now), a superb socketA board (Asus A7V or Abit KT7/Raid), lots of RAM, one of the best video cards, the GeForce GTS or so, the latest 40G+ ATA/100 hard drive and other things. After you have built this system you will have enough money to get one more reasonable K6 machine.

    this wont happen with a P-4.
  14. All the advice you need to select the right processor is on this website and a hundred others. Does the acronym AMD mean anything to you?
  15. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it really doesn't matter. 1.5ghz Pentium 4, or 1.2ghz thunderbird, tripped out with all the best hardware, gobs of ram, trick perepherials. It REALLY doesn't matter. Not only are both of these processors faster than you are, but in the end, it really starts coming down to your other hardware and perepherals.

    1.2ghz Thunderbird w/64 MB no name ram, Savage 3D, 13.2 gig Maxtor, 14" display... 650 Duron w/256 MB mushkin, Geforce 2 Ultra, 75GB IBM 75GXP, 21" Flat Display.

    I would have to go with the Duron.
  16. Thanks for the advices! After I did all the research, I decided to go with AMD (which a lot cheaper than the Intel). BTW, are you sure the new 1.2ghz thunderbird fits with the abit k7 raid. Anyway, i already got the list for it. Here goes!

    Main Board
    Abit, KT7 Raid $155.39 

    AMD, Athlon Thunderbird K7 1GHZ $190.69  Computer Craft
    I wanna get the Athlon 1.2GHZ now since you guys suggest it.


    Generic, PC133 256MB SDRAM $78.69  Computer Craft, Inc.

    Hard Drive
    Maxtor, DiamondMax 80G 5400RPM Ultra ATA/100 EIDE $257.00  The Computer Center

    Plextor, PlexWriter 12x/10x/32x EIDE $214.00 

    Pioneer, 16x DVD/40x CD $90.95  Royal Computer

    Zip Drive
    Iomega, Zip 250MB Ext/USB $155.57 

    Graphic Card
    Guillemot, 3D Prophet II GeForce 2 GTS PRO 64MB $314.68 
    Gainward, CardExpert GeForce2 MX 32mb $110.37 

    Enlight, MidTower ATX 7237 300W PS Dual Fans $72.86 

    Logitech, Cordless ITouch Keyboard $58.95  Software and Stuff

    Microsoft, IntelliMouse Explorer USB Mouse $48.90  Power Start Computer
    Logitech, Cordless Mouseman Wheel PS2 $45.00 or $54.52  PC Xperts 800-666-7551 or (phone order must mention

    ViewSonic, EF70 17 inches Color $287.44 

    Total Cost @$2000.00

    I hate to say this but I have never built a system before so I really need your help. Therefore, don't laugh if I ask stupid questions. Thanks in advance!
    PS: Am I missing something? If so please point it out for me! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! =)
  17. I guess we can expect you to post back in a little while asking why you are having problems with your setup. And I will reply "its due to your generic ram!"
    Get the good stuff. Don't skimp on ram, you'll thank me later.
  18. According to your suggestion, What kind of ram should I get to replace for the "generic"? BTW, I'm gonna reuse some parts from my own computer like modem, speakers, soundcard, and floppy drive. Thanks in advance!
  19. do like the other one said get an 850 p3 every thing is compatible to it and alot cheaper than the. P4 that will soon rule the world providing everyone and there dog and cousin optimize for it.
    where as amd? eh...


    "dodge this"

  20. You mean the SBlive!value is not gonna be compatible with AMD?
  21. No, continue with your plan, but here are a few suggestions:

    Get some Crucial RAM, not Generic (

    Go for the IBM Deskstar 75GB 7400rpm ata100 drive instead of the Maxtor. It's got almost the same space, but much faster and more reliable. Also get a new sound card, try the Sound Blaster LIVE! X-Gamer (If your into games, and if you're not go for the LIVE! MP3+ or Platinum).

    Also get the GeForce2 GTS PRO, not the MX.

    One last thing; get a Yamaha 16/10/40 CD-RW instead of the Plextor one (Same price and faster)
  22. here's what you should do...everything is compatible

    everything marker w/ asterisk (*) i own either exactly as i have listed or some version of it

    Case: that enlight is fine...just make sure you get AT LEAST 300W power supply.

    *1.2 GHz T-Bird-anywhere

    256MB Crucial

    Abit KT7 RAID

    2x IBM Desktar 75GXP 30GB (RAID them...better performance than just 1 big HD-besides, nobody needs more than 30-35GB for typical desktop)

    *Plextor 12/10/32A IDE (i don't trust Yamaha...lmao)

    *Pioneer 16x/40x DVD tray load

    *don't forget the wonderful $10 any brand floppy drive...lmao

    Elsa Gladiac Ultra(GeForce2 GTS Ultra)

    Philips Acoustic Edge (it REALLY is better than SBLive!)

    3com ethernet or modem card, depending on your isp, or just get both


    *Thermaltake Super Orb-you'll have to file down one edge of it to fit the mobo with any steel file (or bend the capacitors if you have balls)...only 5 minutes or so or work

    *get a pci slot cooler and a case fan like the cardcooler

    *logitech itouch wireless keyboard

    *logitech ifeel mouseman

    *VERY IMPORTANT!!! get a Samsung Dynaflat 955DF (19" CRT)...don't succumb to sony marketing schemes...dynaflat is a better technology than trinitron

    Klipsch ProMedia v.2-400 Speaker

    *Plantronics HS1 Headset

    *Lexmark Z52 printer

    any questions, feel free to e-mail me

  23. Are you sure? The PC World Magazine choose the Diamondmax 60g 5400rpm as the hard drive of the year! It beats the IBM 75gbx deskstar 75g 7200rpm!
  24. Pc world is owned by big business- unless an independent source says the same thing- the deskstar is the way to go.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  25. You and I both know that point blank range is simply not fair.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  26. Hey, I'm a Matrix fan too. I have the cool Matrix code as my desktop.

    Go here: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> (<b>WARNING</b>: This file is quite large and is 1280x960)
  27. hey. cool desktop but I would d/l tweakui and get rid of those arrows!
  28. Hey I did.... oh yeah, I reformatted, nevermind!
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