I'm not so sure what went wrong with my computer

I am having problems with booting my computer. The screen is blank. I read from somewhere that you can actually hear the beeps of the computer to find out what is not right with the system. I hear a beep that lasts for about 1.5-2 seconds, than silence for about 2-3 seconds. I'm not so sure what this means, but it keeps on repeating these pattern of beeps. Below is the specs. of my system.

CPU: Duron 700Mhz Socket A
Heatsink and Fan: CoolerMasters made of copper. 50mm X 50mm
Motherboard: Winsonic WSV6A07
Hard Drive: 4.3 GB Seagate
Floppy Disk: Generic
Display Card: Inno3D Tornado TNT2 AGP.
Modem: Chronos modem PCI.
Mouse: PS/2 Compaq
Keyboard: Generic
Monitor: Generic

I hope any of you could reply ASAP. I want this system running before Jan. 4th 2001.

Thanx to everybody who replies.
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  1. Did you read your mobo manual? That should tell you what the beeping error code means.
  2. What is Mobos manual?
    The manual that came with the motherboard doesn't explain the sounds occurring.
  3. Make sure your CPU is seated correctly, also make sure your ram is compatable.

    Very high chance its your RAM thats causing the error.

    Do you have a AMD approved power supply?

    Remove all unnecessary cards, sounds, network, etc.
    you should break it down to just video card, memory and CPU.
    Disconnect all drives too. and try to boot your machine to see boot screen. if boot screen comes up add 1 piece of hardware till you find the problem.

    If you don't get a boot screen, reseat your CPU, or swap out RAM..
  4. You didn't list the type of RAM you have, but I'm just going to assume that it's generic also. Most of your computer seems to be built out of generic parts or companies that I haven't heard of. Generic parts are very risky; sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Generic parts are usually not a good idea when brand name is only a little bit more.

    I would look at the RAM first. AMDs are especially fickle about RAM, they like name brands. The next problem area to look at would be the motherboard. I have never heard of Winsonic so I don't know how good they are, but even the top brands: Asus, Abit, and MSI take a lot of tweaking to get them to work properly.
  5. I agree with al the others-most of the long beep codes I have ever heard have been caused by bad, missing, or improper memory. If your memory came out of another computer is might be an EDO DIMM instead of SDRAM. Compaq, Gateway, and Dell all used EDO for some of the earlier DIMMs, and I am wure there were others. I usually get that error when I try to install SDRAM into one of these earlier DIMMs or try to install an earlier DIMM into a newer computer. Even if your ram is SDRAM, it might be an incompatable earlier version.
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