Using this HDTV as Computer screen.

Hello, I'm not sure that this would be the right sub-category for this as I could not find anything on HDTV's.

Down the the point; My grandfather runs a small storage unit business and he has his security cameras hooked up to an HDTV VR-2418 1080p Westinghouse screen. He said he might give it to me since he has been having interference issues between his SyncMaster T240 HDTV 1080p Samsung screen and the VR-2418 when he uses the remote. So he bought two NEC monitors for the security cameras but he's waiting for an adapter to arrive in the mail.

I have read something about HDTV's being horrible for computers (especially rigs for gaming) due to the response time usually being slower on the TV's. Usually you can get 2-5 ms response times for monitors, and I heard that's a good range. I can't find the response time for the VR-2418 to save my life, and I was just wondering if one of you more experienced users might know and or have a way for me to find out. I am building a computer for casual gaming. I was also planning on hooking my Xbox 360 up to an HDMI port to play with my 360 friends.

I know a lot of people play Xbox 360 on their big TV's with no problem to this response time difference and I am holding onto hope that I wont either.

Thanks for any help!
This is the link to the TV.
I didn't find info there, but maybe you will have better luck.
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    most people posting such trash have no idea what they are talking about. how about i throw some truth at you for once.

    you dont NEED a response time of 2-5ms. in fact anything below 16ms maximum should technically work fine. my old vp201b monitor was rated at 16ms and while it was probably overrated and was probably at the limits i never saw ghosting or any other issues. unless you are anywhere near 16ms i wouldnt worry about it too much.

    i have had a hdtv hooked up to my pc playing video games for almost 5 years now without issue. this has ranged from ultra-fast paced fps games to slow-paced mmo games. honestly if i cannot see any problems with ghosting or afterimages when in a small map with 20bots at godlike skill and 200% gamespeed on.... then i dont see why people hate so much on hdtvs.

    keep in mind that due to the vast increase of size at the same resolution what you gain in physical size you lose out on image quality. in essence everything is blown up so you dont have the pixels per inch of a smaller monitor. this means that such things as text might be harder to read in some cases but nothing a bump up of 5% (yeah just 5%) on internet explorer or bumping up the text size in windows one notch wont fix. games look perfectly fine although fps games can be overwhelming at first! things are almost life sized depending on the size of the tv.

    the only issue i currently am aware of is with 120 or 240hz televisions and "pc mode/60hz mode/game mode" on some televisions i have heard reports of noticible lag due to the post processing done by the tv for 120hz mode (really 60hz input and the tv processes in another 60fps for a 120hz display).

    sometimes game mode works perfect and your 60hz signal goes through without processing and the screen displays 60hz but on some models apparently this doesnt work as advertised. i dont know of a way to tell which works and which doesnt at this point in time besides reading reviews.

    on 60hz televisions you shouldnt have any issues whatsoever. i would reccomend using a hdmi connection if you have one. or a dvi-to-hdmi cable if you dont.
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