High laptop CPU idle temps??

I just got a new ASUS N71Q laptop yesterday with a Core i7 740QM CPU & 5730 Radeon GPU and I'm wondering why the idle temps are so high, much higher than what I'm used to. The average idle is in the mid 50s C for all 4 cores. Is this normal for these processors, is there something I can do to lower them, or should I just return it as defective?
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  1. What does "Task Manager" say on "CPU Usage %" ?

    Did you contact Asus already or check if there's a BIOS patch for the fan?
  2. CPU usage is normal. I have the latest BIOS on here as there is no new version on the ASUS support site
  3. I meant, give me a percentage. Is it on 10 or 20% all the time?

    ATM, my fan is spinning but quiet. My CPU usage is 8-15% and "PC Wizard 2010" says that my Core Duo DTS temp is 50°C. If the laptop is new, as in just assembled, then maybe the thermal-compound used on the CPU is settling in, and this process sometimes takes 3-6 days before good cooling is achieved.

    If you're worried, u should contact Asus and ask them what's the normal temp. At least it will be recorded on their system in case it becomes a real problem later.
  4. On idle CPU usage is between 0-10%
  5. A few people have told me that it is normal for these higher powered Core i7 laptop chips to idle that high. Just want to make sure
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