How to format c drive in windows 7 from dvd

Hello, I am sidhu, mu computer getting freezed for every 10mins, its irritating me alot can u please suggest me what to do, as per my knowledge I am trying to boot C drive but even its not workinf
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  1. insert the windows dvd into your dvd-rom drive and restart your pc.....upon re-boot go into your bios and select your dvd-rom drive as first boot device,save the changes,then reboot and on that re-boot the windows dvd should start the installation process and allow you to format the drive and start the win 7 installation......
  2. Just to add to teaser's post, if I remember rightly, when it asks where you want to install Windows 7, you'll need to click on 'advanced' or something similar.

    I should just ask, is it Windows 7 you currently use?
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