Speaker cone tear repair.

I have a professional 15 speaker w/ some tears , what's the best glue ?
Other forums have recommended elmers ( 8:1 water) but I had used an actual speaker latex in the past , that supplier is gone . Recommendations also include tissue paper multi layered , questionable and coffee filter , better but again I've used drywall mesh type tape with good results .
Anybody have good long term results ?
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  1. I would not use any of those methods on a professional speaker. Settling for makeshift materials to repair your speaker cone is a good way to damage the entire speaker. My suggestion to you would be taking a look online for your model of speaker's replacement/service site is. It is really inexpensive and fairly easy to replace the cone your self. Most replacement cone kits fall in the $25-50 range for complete kits. If you still do not want to spend the money, you should look at purchasing MG Chemical's Speaker Service Cement (speaker cone glue specifically made for speakers) for a few dollars. I might be able to help out more if you let me know the model of your speakers. Keep updated.

    Lead AV Tech,AA Rental
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