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Hi all!
Got a 1TB Seagate HHD and a 60 GB Intel SSD.

I have installed Windows 8 on the SSD and it blazing fast! Partitioned the HDD and it's empty. I'd like to get all the temporary files and Metro Downloads on the HDD while the OS and some programs staying on the SSD.

I've searched and found some tips for windows 7 that don't seem to work in windows 8. Any expert advice?

Thanks guys!
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  1. Am I in the wrong forum? A lot of the tips I saw didn't really have options that seemed to work in windows 8 (the reg edits)

    Not sure if this this just been answered a million times but if there's a link to a nice detailed explanation, that would be great too!
  2. Are you talking about moving all the metro apps off the SSD?

    The easiest thing to do in my opinion is just junctions (symbolic links). You can move all your folders to the Seagate, and then create junctions that point to those so Windows can find them.

    You need to download junction.exe and stick it in your win32 folder. Then you can run junction in cmd. See this page:
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