Hp pavilion(any of them) vs dell xps 14

Can anybody tell me which laptop is better for watching movies?Hp pavilion(any one of them) and Dell XPS 14) I'm planning to bring it to school... Both looks good.
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  1. I have bad times with My HP Pavilion dv2108tx. So I guess if you don't want to be disappointed and lose more money with your laptop go for Dell XPS
  2. HD dv6-3140 paired with ati hd5650 and core i5 460m and save yourself some money
    it will be around 800$. And it has switchable graphics which will allow you to use if for 4,5 hours when not gaming
  3. Stay away from HP. They tend to make sub par laptops that don't last very long, including newer ones, i.e. high temps, which will diminish the life of it. What are you looking to spend? Perhaps we can find something out there that suits your needs.
  4. Different peoples have different experiences, if you dont find yourself comfortable with HP then you can go with this gaming laptop http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np5135-built-clevo-b5130m-p-2840.html you can also customize it if you want, If you want 1080p screen in under 1K $ you can get it
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