Tom: Do a CPU Poll

I think Toms should do a poll to see what chip you run on your home computer. From the forum, sounds like a ton of AMD users, but those Intel freaks could just be hiding out. Maybe a GPU poll could follow it. Think it would be kind of interesting.

TBird 800 - Asus A7V 1005a
256 PC133 - Maxtor 45GB ATA100
Radeon 32DDR - SB Live MP3+
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  1. Tbird 1000 - Asus A7V 1005a
    256 PC133 - Western Digital 30GB ATA100
    Asus 7700 32MB Pure - SB Live Value

    Lets add cooling to that :)
    Normal retail fan + frontal intake
  2. athlon 500 (old school)- Asus K7V
    256 PC133 cas3- maxtor 27GB ATA66
    Guillemot Maxi gamer xentor 32MB
    (Fastest TNT2 ultra ever even though doesn't do 4x it was made with faster ram then all others.)
    MX300- moster sound (it's not awful)
    COOLING- large Global Win 2 fan heat sink
    Card cooler (2 large fans over graphics card) Hard drive cooler (2 intake fans in front of HD) New ball bearing intake fan in front one in back and one on top blowing hot air out. Keeps my feet warm in the winter.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  3. 1. TBird700@850MHz - A7V 1004D.
    256M Micron PC133.
    IBM Deskstar 7200RPM ATA66 13.5G.
    Quantum Atlas III SCSI U2W 18.3G.
    IBM Ultrastar SCSI U2W 4.3G.
    Asus V7100 Geforce2 MX 32M.
    SB Live! Value.
    Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI controller.
    2. TBird 700@850M - Abit KT7-RAID UL.
    128M Micron PC133.
    IBM Deskstar 7200RPM ATA66 27.3G
    IBM Deskstar 7200RPM ATA66 13.5G.
    Guillemot 3D Prophet II MX 32M.
    Diamond MX-300.
    Tekram DC-390U2W controller.
    Both use GlobalWin FOP-32 HSF.
  4. Did you ever realize that Tom's is a little slanted towards AMD?!!! He did do a good review of the PIV and I am glad of that. I have respect for his work. Why isn't AMD getting hammered on the 760 DDR chipset? Hmmmm

    Just maybe that is why not very many Intel people here.

    By the way:

    750 Athlon Abit KA7
    Gladiac (GF2) SBLive
    HP 9200I CDR/W scsi
    Pioneer 12x DVD
    20 gig IBM Deskstar
    30 gig IBM 75GXP
    Hollywood live
    AHA-2910C scsi
    Netgear 104 Nic
    Seventeam 400 watt power

    <b> Fragg at will!!! </b>
  5. Intel 550E@733
    Asus P3B-F
    256 PC133 CAS 3
    Tekram 390 U2W
    IMB 9LZX 10K RPM
    WD Enterprise 18.3G 10k RPM
    Voodoo3 3000 (hey it still works)

    ***Hey I run Intel... but let's get real***
  6. K62-450
    ATI Expert 128mg

    This baby smokes the K6-233 / Number 9 2mg it replaced.
  7. Duron 600 (back down to 950MHz) and Asus A7V
  8. Well, if somebody wants to call me prejudiced or that I don't give every processor a chance, here's my debunk:

    AMD Tbird 1100
    Asus A7V
    256MB Ram
    Promise RAID controller
    2x IBM Deskstar 46.1GB, RAID 0
    ATI Radeon AIW 32MB DDR
    19" Samsung 955DF Monitor
    7 fans:
    - Chrome orb on CPU
    - regular fan on ATI
    - 120mm fan over the PCI cards
    - standard power supply fan
    - 2 80mm sunnon fans, 1 front, 1 back
    - blowhole at the top with another fan

    k6-233, old IBM Aptiva
    64MB RAM, 3.2GB (IBM) + 6.1 GB (Maxtor) HDDs
    1MB ATI RageII+ Built in 2d (ugh)
    Diamond monster (original Voodoo, 4MB:)
    etc etc

    3) IBM 770ED laptop
    Pentium II 266, 64MB RAM, 8.0GB HDD, 14.1" TFT, DVD-ROM, Token Ring network, etc etc

    4) Old IBM Pentium 200 Laptop, not even sure whats all in there:)

    5) Cyrix 586-100 Mhz, 16MB RAM... that thing is being given away as we speak:)

    6) Palm IIIC, Motorolla 68000 (I think?)

    and in the closet somewhere:

    Amiga 500, upped to 1MB RAm
    Amiga 2000, CPU upgrade, RAM upgrade, 2x40GB Syquest Cartridges + external reader:)

    That's a LOT of different CPUs :smile:
  9. 2PIII, 1CelII, 1TBird.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  10. Quote:

    Why isn't AMD getting hammered on the 760 DDR chipset? Hmmmm

    Why should they? They made the first, new successful DDR chipset. It's only Gigabyte that had a problem, and they admitted that it was their fault. Not AMD ;p
  11. Duron 600mhz - EpoX 8kta+
    128MB PC100 (1 stick Infineon, 1 stick Micron) - 15GB HDD
    ATi All-In-Wonder 128 - Onboard sound

    Damn my comp sucks. Oh well.
  12. Athlon Classic 750 @ 1050
    Global Win VOS32+ heatsink with custom made fan
    ABit KA7-100 motherboard
    256MB PC133 CAS2 RAM (2 128 sticks)
    50 GB ATA66 (30GB and 20GB Maxtor)
    GeForce2 GTS 32MB DDR
    Komodo 19" monitor
    SoundBlaster LIVE! X-Gamer sound card
    50x CD-ROM
    12/8/32 CD-RW

    Yes I know it sucks (motherboard & cpu), I'm upgrading in 1month.
  13. T-bird 900 AOpen AK73 Pro
    128MB PC133 RAM CL GeForce2 GTS
    45GB IBM 75GXP ATA100
    12/40 DVD 8/4/32 CD-RW
    TerraTec DMX

    -- just ordered it, should be here in a week or so...
    Let's see how fast that baby can do!

    If it ain't broke, make it go faster!
  14. T-Bird 800
    128MB PC-133
    SoundBlaster Live
    IBM 75-GXP X2 in RAID-0
  15. here i go:

    - base
    cel 533 @ 600 2.2v
    Abit BP6 (440bx)
    256mb pc100

    maxtor 15gb 5400rpm ATA66
    3 1/2 floppy
    creative 5x dvd

    -add on cards
    ATI radeon 32mb DDR
    Creative sound blaster Live! MP3+
    Hauppage WINTV GO! PCI
    phoebe fast ethernet card PCI

    creative microphone
    Cambridge soundworks_ PC WORKS!
    Pixie 15in Monitor
    i/o magic magicimage 410
    Lexmark 1100
    Scanport SQ300
    logitech basic mouse
    microsoft internet keyboard PRO
    Gravis Gamepad Pro - USB

    Daul Boot - win98se , win2000
    Corel word perfect 8
    soldier of fortune , Baldur's gate 2, Unreal touranment, Halflife Counterstrike, diablo, diablo2, starcraft BW, warcraft 2

    there thats the real deal

    -- takes one to now one --
  16. System 1
    AMD K6-3 400mhz
    192 meg
    GA-5AX ver 4
    Maxtor 4.3 gig HD udma33
    Maxtor 2 gig just plain dma
    Voodoo 3 2k
    ASL 120 isa sound card (its cheap but works)
    HP 8250 CDRW
    Samsung 32x cdrom
    USR 56k ISA PnP modem.
    Link Sys 10/100 nic connected to my Linsys hub
    17" Maxtech monitor
    Altec Lansing ACS45 speakers

    System 2
    AMD K6-2 300mhz(running at 66mhz fsb)
    96 meg of pc66
    Soyo MB (cant remember what model but only has 66mhz fsb)
    811 mb hard drive(I think it was a seagate)
    81.3 mb hardrive(ditto)
    Diamond speedstar A50 video card
    STB sound rage(funny it's got a AMD chipset)
    HP 8100 CDRW
    Linksys 10/100 NIC
    15" Gateway monitor

    3rd system
    AST Advantage Adventure 4100
    AMD 5x86 133mhz(PR 75)
    16 meg FPM ram
    640 meg segate harddrive
    onboard video and soundcard
    Generic CDRom 4x
    Intel 10base NIC.

    I am going to inherit a 4th puter it is going to have a P100 in it. I will be getting it as soon as my mom's new 650 Duron gets in.

    Oh yes and all of it running Windows 95. The AST and the P100 are going to be running the orignal win95 and the first 2 are running win 95c osr 2.5
  17. Oh all our computers? OK..

    <b>System 1:</b>
    Athlon Classic 750 @ 1050
    Global Win VOS32+ heatsink with custom made fan
    ABit KA7-100 motherboard
    256MB PC133 CAS2 RAM (2 128 sticks)
    50 GB ATA66 (30GB and 20GB Maxtor)
    GeForce2 GTS 32MB DDR
    Komodo 19" monitor
    SoundBlaster LIVE! X-Gamer sound card
    50x CD-ROM
    12/8/32 CD-RW

    <b>System 2:</b>
    Intel Pentium II 333MHz (OC to 375MHz)
    Spaceshuttle Intel LX motherboard
    128MB PC100 SDRAM
    20GB Maxtor ATA66 drive
    40x CD-ROM
    TNT2 Ultra 32MB video
    17" monitor
    230 watt case

    <b>System 3 (portable):</b>
    AMD K62 450MHz
    32MB PC100 SDRAM (OK I know it sucks)
    2MB Video (doesn't have a name, it doesn't deserve one)
    12.1" LED screen
    24x CD-ROM

    thats about it
  18. Athlon 550
    Irongate w/o SuperBypass
    12Gb Quantium HDD
    128Mb Ram
  19. Grizely, Classic Athlon 750 was the fastest classic they made wasnt it? (how the hell did you get it up to 1050?)

    TBird 800 - Asus A7V 1005a
    256 PC133 - Maxtor 45GB ATA100
    Radeon 32DDR - SB Live MP3+
  20. Celeron 366 OC to 75 mhz 5.5 = 413 mhz 2.00 voltage
    196 mb intern 100 mhz...
    abit bx6 mobo
    Diamond viper 550
    cdrom Creative 54 infrared...
    Creative 128 sound card
  21. ASUS P3B-F, 700E Cumine, Golden Orb
    O/C FSB 140 MHZ, forcing 980MHz processor posting
    128Mb PC133 CAS3 spot market RAM (@140!)
    Pioneer DVD, Plextor CDRW
    X-gamer Live, DTT 2500
    ASUS V6800 pure 32Mb DDR (94Mhz O/C !!)
    ave. 66+Hz MDK2 (1024x768@32bit)
    Cpu temp.. 45C under load
    stability certificate, on request

    21" Cornerstone 50/101sf, SWEET
    ($440 @ auction last summer)

    total cost $1400
    That'll do.... for now
    next time it will be AMD/DDR, unless INTEL can scrape it's act together !!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. PIII 450@600
    40 GB WD HD
    Voodoo 3 3000
    SB LIve
  23. fastest athlon classic made is a 1ghz chip.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  24. Hehe poeple always ask that

    go in the overclocking forum and check it out, it's in there about 90 times.

    but the fastest classic chip was 1Ghz. (first GHz chip ever)
  25. Computadora uno:
    Tbird 700 (used to be oced to 800)
    Asus A7V bios 1005a
    256 megs of generic POS ram
    IBM 45 gig 7200 RPM 75 GXP series hard drive (yep proud of my baby)
    Sony 4x/2x/24x cd burner (burned over 250 CDs so far and still going)
    Creative labs 6x DVD drived
    Asus v6600 Geforce256 (1024x768 and 99.99 fps in cstrike)
    Sound Blaster Live Value
    Netgear fast ethernet 10/100
    Pinnacle Systems Studio DV firewire card.
    S3 virge 2meg PCI video card (for 2nd monitor) *grin*

    Computadora dos:
    P3 450
    Tekram 440 BX somethingorother (can't find manual)
    128 megs of corsair CAS2 PC100 memory
    Maxtor 14.2 gig ATA-66 hard drive on promise ATA-66 controller (the one that can be converted into RAID)
    Creative Labs 52x cd rom drive
    ATI All in wonder 128 rage pro
    Aureal vortex 2500 sound card
    3Com 10 megabit NIC (poopy one from Road Runner company)
    Creative Labs DXR-3 DVD decoder card

    *notes* The DVD drive was removed from computador dos and inserted into computadora uno so I could rip (I mean back up) DVDs on a faster machine. P3 system is about to get gutted and the mobo and processor is turning into a POS biatch mahine for corny server stuff, and the rest of the parts will greet a socket a mobo not yet decided and a duron 800 with either PC150 ram or 256 megs of generic POS.

    sowwy for long post but I had to tell some one
  26. Thats right, im an idiot. My friend has a 1Ghz classic athlon. Runs a wicked Counter-Strike server :)

    TBird 800 - Asus A7V 1005a
    256 PC133 - Maxtor 45GB ATA100
    Radeon 32DDR - SB Live MP3+
  27. You, guy started it wrong, so every body is doing the same mistake: the question was about the CPU, not stinking hardware, stupid.

    Here it is: "I think Toms should do a poll <to see what chip> you run on your home computer"

    I am running Athlon 600Mhz classic for that matter.

    it is a mistake to be afraid to make one...
  28. Ok,
    Pentium III 500
    384megs Ram pc100
    P3B-F 1006 Bios
    Hercules GeForce GTS 32Meg
    3D Stereo Glasses
    Soundblaster live! Original "not value"
    Wintv-Fm Radio Card
    TDK 12x10x32x24x CDRW
    12x Toshiba DVD
    Creative DXR3 Decoder Card
    Promise Ultra66 card
    20.5 gig WD Hard drive
    6.4 WD backup Drive
    F=MA Nic Card 10-100
    Direct-TV Sat. Dish.
    Sony DA Pro 4 Head VCR
    Why? Why Not? Cause I can. Be my best answer. :)
    Intel Web Cam
    19" Compaq Moniter

    Spaghetti Sauce Stain on Page Up key. "adds colour"

    3.5" floppy from my 486 days "why? still works. :)"
    SD969 Nicole Speakers. With 100 watt sub-Woofer
    300W PS " has a name but its under my desk and I'm not about to go look."
    DSL Connection From Ameritech. 128 up 768 Down..DO NOT GET IT SUCKS !


    Win2K . And thats why I'm not using AMD. " Go look under Win2k site see for yourself."
    Microsoft Intelli-Pro Keyboard
    Microsoft Explorer Optical Mouse.

    Beige Colour everywhere.

    Bout it.

    (in case you can't read here it is)

    it is a mistake to be afraid to make one...
  30. Hey blah? your mum made one... you dont see us chastising her do you ?

    oooooooo LOL
  31. well, let's see....
    2 celeron 366's@600 (not in use because the Abit BP6 sux and died on me!)
    AMD K6-2 450 (still truckin!)
    P166 MMX (linux box)
    a few assorted Pentiums that I get 4 free from work

    and finally:
    T-bird 800 (brand new, not overclocked)
  32. btw...
    What's with the K63??
    I didn't think they made one and then all of the sudden I see a few pop up. Maybe I'm just an idiot.
    Did you mean the K62-III, maybe?
    Sorry to be picky, this really freaked me out!

    oh, and I use an ASUS Geforce 256 32meg, and 8 meg nvidia 128 and a 2 meg mach 64.

    *God bless Tom's Hardware! Every time I post, I set out at least 4 (hopefully) helpful replies. Such is the way the community grows!*
  33. Tbird 800
    Original PCI128 ( not poxy version out now )
    1.25 Gb Ram PC133 ECC
    10.4 Gb Maxtor ATA 33
    22.5 Gb Maxtor ATA 66
    75 Gb IBM Telesto ATA 100
    12x 10x 32x CDRW
    Geforce Annihilator Pro 32Mb DDR

    Do unto others before they do unto you...
  34. 1) 1ghz Athlon Tbird
    Asus A7V
    20.5 IBM ATA66
    30.7 IBM ATA100
    512mb PC133 RAM
    32 Geforce DDR
    SBlive + 4pt surround speakers
    40X Asus CD
    12x10x32 CDRW
    USR 56k Modem
    10/100 Ethernet

    2) 750mhz Athlon Classic
    Gigabyte slot MB (GA7X I think)
    512mb PC133/100 ram (2x128 PC100 1x 256 PC133)
    13.5 IBM ATA66
    32mb TNT2
    PCI128(old type with surround ports) + surround speakers
    52X CD
    10/100 Ethernet

    3) PII350 on Epox MB
    8.4 ATA33 IBM HDD
    128mb PC100 MEM
    Matrox Mil G200 16mb sgram
    Voodoo2 12mb
    32x CD
    10/100 Ethernet

    4) PII300 Laptop (HP omnibook 4150)
    14.1" screen
    6.4gb hdd
    128mb ram
    24x CD
    Xircom 10/100 lan / 56k modem combo

    5) P233mmx onboard graphics and sound
    4gb HDD
    96mb ram

    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  35. A K6-3 is a real chip. It's a K6-2 core with added cache.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  36. HAHAha! LOL, you guys all SUCK!!!!

    My Pentium MMX @ 200 Rules the world! (what a little world mine is).

    I bought it on a budget from Packard Schmellz (Bell). What a lousy mistake that was. Too bad NEC bought em' out and kept them alive in Europe. Shoulda put them out to pasture.

  37. THAT IS APPLIED TO THE SMART PPLZ (not you in this case).
    Those do know if they are going to risk, otherz (you in this case) are just making mistakes without even noticing them :o)


    its not too late yet... :smile:
  38. That is why I love her so much, she was not afraid of making a mistake (me in this case), and you, stinker, can furt as much as you want, it will not make me feel any worst, I am too far away from yer fat hole...


    its not too late yet... :smile:
  39. Quote:


    ROFLMAO!!! LOL Oh LOL stop I can't take it LMAO ROFLMAO ROFL LOL!!!!!!! My side hurts!!!!



    Coly crap! LOL Blah, you have no idea what you just did do you ROFLMAO
  40. See, I knew you are not one of them, hehehehe

    (*puke* too by the way)

    its not too late yet... :smile:
  41. PIII 700E at 933MHz (1.75v core), 256MB PC133, GeForce 256 DDR, Diamond Monster Sound MX 300, 8GB IBM Hard Drive, 32x Toshiba CDROM Reader, ABIT BX6r2.
  42. LOL! This guy laughs like a loser, completely oblivious to what kind of an idiot he's made of himself. Oh well thats his problem.
  43. PIII600e@798 with stock cooling
    256mb 133 crucial ram
    hercules geforce mx2 200/200
    s/b live
    maxtor 20gbhd
    fujitsu 3.6gb
    (need an upgrade)
  44. Grizley, could you please define "He laughs like a loser". I'm just curious. Thanks

    P4 1.4Ghz 256mb RDRAM 64mb GF2 ULTRA THX Surround 19" Trinitron Cable Modem
  45. what I mean is being a dumbass. "HAHHA YOUR STUPID YOU HAVE IQ UV 20 AND EYE AMM SMERT!"
  46. Ive got an Amiga I rest my feet on, and a very early apple that I throw at the cats, (In this role it works better than it ever did as a pc)
  47. Free munfs ago I cint spel teknecshion, Now I are one , lol
  48. T-bird 800
    Thermaltake cooler
    Asus A7V (1005a)
    256MB sdram pc100
    Rage128 32mb sdram
    sb live
    HP cd-writer 9100 32x8x4x
    Pioneer DVDx12 cdx32
    Maxtor ATA66 7200rpm 10Gig
    IBM deskstar ATA100 7200rpm 30Gig
    Zip 100mb internal
    network - @home cable
    Windows 2000 pro
  49. Brand new Tbird 800MHz, 256MB PC133 SDRAM and almost every imaginable comsumer device :)
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