Cannot install windows 7 on new wd hard drive on laptop

My laptop is Asus U43J , I've just bought a new Western Digital Scorpio Blue 250gb SATA 3.0gb HD to replace the old broken SeaGate HD. I tried to install windows 7 home premium from a dvd. The problem is windows installation doesn't detect the new hard drive. What can I do?
In BIOS, SATA has two options: IHCI and IDE, i tried IHCI and IDE, both didn't detect the hard drive. In BIOS, the WD hard drive is still detected. I tried to format C: in command prompt. tried to DISKPART> clean all. I tried to load drivers for the chipset but still nothing. Got headache with this for 2 days, please help !!!!!
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    You might need to update the bios on your laptop first.
    After that, you should turn on AHCI instead of IDE and then see if the laptop sees the new drive.
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  3. connect the hdd to other computer if detected then format it.
    after that connect to your laptop.
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