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I bought a new system,with a new HDD,but i started to experience a problem with the browser(any browser).
Everytime,i open my internet browser,all other programs stop responding. However,the browser works fine, and unless i exit it,i cannot click on anywhere else but the browser or my computer hangs and everything stops responding,even the task manager.
This problem occurs in google chrome as well as internet explorer,so i doubt it is a browser problem.

I have never experienced such a problem with any system i have used so far,nor have i seen anyone experiencing it,so i am really confused as to what might be causing this.

My system specs are as follow:

Core i5-2400
4 GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance @1600 Mhz
Seagate 2 TB @7200rpm
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  1. Sounds likely to be a virus - run a few virus sweeps and see if you get any hits.
  2. thanks a lot i'll try it out. Any other possible reason?
  3. The problem got fixed on its own after a few days. I did not even have to scan. And i doubt there were any viruses,the hdd being new. Now i am more confused. Thanks a lot though for taking out the time.
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