Need CPU advice!!!

I am tired of trying to make a AMD 1.1 and a socket MB work
Tried ASUS A7V and a Abit K7 RAID and I still get a weird Cpu kernal reading unders Windows ME and SE
It basically does not let the CPU rest when ya close an application, somethings staying at 100% and slowing the system down
So, I want to just say the heck with it and go BACK to Pentium and I guess a slot 1 CPU as I had never a problem with a Pent II400 and a Abit MB
I tested the OLD system with Identical software tothe new system and the old one did not show these CPU 'problems'
And most people would not know to look at the kernal usage and it's not widely reported but as I check into this more it seems to be a socket issue and the AMD chip.
So, anyone got a great MB selection for me
Abit SH6 ?
Or what's a great board and what CPU ?
Since I really can't see paying for a 1 Gig Pentium I guess I will have to go down to a 900 range to try to get the same price that I had invested in the AMD combo
I am doing a swap so that's why the price is important!

Thanks for any help
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  1. Just sell the AMD chip and mobo you were having problems with, and buy them again. IT was obviously a faulty chip (you don't get faulty chips 2 times in a row. well actually your chances of buying another faulty AMD chip are about 1 to 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)
  2. Yea, that's what we said too so last week I got a NEW boxed 1.1 Tbird AND a new Asus board and guess what
    NO go!
    The CPU didn't change it and then I put in the new MB with the new CPU!!!!
    I installed it barebones too and then added the drivers
    But, it mucked up before I even got that far
    Just booting up, load the monitor, load any program and close it
    CPU goes up, stays up
    it's a Windows/CPU/board deal as you can do a restart and it's fine until you load a application...the ones on start up do not seem to matter.
    I am LOST as heck here!
    I am not dumb either, lol...but this really is confusing
    CPU should be at or near 0 with NO PROGRAMS RUNNING!!!
    Right ?
    The old system was, and I mean nothing running. I checked and nuked all apps, even scanreg, anything that was in the registry to start up
    Nothing helps me with this issue at all :/
    Thanks, I agree it's like I got two bad CPUs!
    I wonder if it's the 1.1 itself..the tech told me that they do run a lot hotter than AMD even wants to admit.
    But mine was ok heat wise, the CPU temp itself was 125ish.
    MB was 85 degrees or so
    I am surely lost and tired of swapping stuff out
    I just want it to work and Yea, I am used to rebooting due to low RESOURCES but this is CPU stuff...kernal usage, not crappy windows gdi resources that we know are poor.

    It's odd
  3. Go with a PIII 700E in a Socket, because the best PIII mobos are sockets. The CUSL2 is the overwhelming favorite. The -C version is also available now and should be cheaper. The only difference is the omission of onboard video, which you won't use anyway. You can expect it to go between 933 and 1000 with normal cooling and slightly raised voltages. Check out the forums to find out everything you might want to know. I have also been hearing of people getting up to 1.18 GHZ with the 800's and 850's, but I consider the chance of getting a chip that good by chance to be very small. The 815E will be the best chipset for your overclocking situation because of the PCI 1/4 and AGP 1/2 dividers.
  4. Thanks and a question!

    Now, this threw me. I looked the two boards and the C one specifically and I like the features
    THe RAM though, am I just lost here
    It says

    3x DIMM for maximum up to 512MB PC133/PC100 SDRAM
    So, I have a 256 DIMM of PC133 EEC RAM.
    Now,my current ASUS is 512 x 3 EACH, for a 1.5 gig total(ish)
    Does this mean that or is 512 THE absolute total
    Just didn't add up to me reading it

    Hoping it's 512 x 3.....I don't need but what I have but I didn't know if the DIMM was limited to like a 128 DIMM

    Oh, and I think the key for me is to get back to intel based chipsets and that CPU
    The AMD at 1.1 just does not jive for me
    I as said,tried everything and it's just not doing some internal 'stuff' properly with applications in Windows!
    and ME was the worst, even with updates to all drivers it stunk hitting 100% EVERY time I left the PC 'not' running a 32 bit application
    I mean, I like to close a program and open another but it was making me do tricks to keep it from pegging out, still is but at least Windows SE seems to at least not peg 100%.
    Now to decide what board I can get the C or the older board and which CPU
    I like your idea of the 800 and seeing if I get lucky and can clock it safely!
  5. 512 Total, because the chipset was originally designed for econo-pc's but just happened to be better than anything else anyone had! 256MB per socket max (unless they improved it through bios), so you can use 2 256's or 1 256 and 2 128's.
    I have the older board. I would have gotten the C, but it wasn't available yet at the time. The performance is the same.
  6. 512 Total, because the chipset was originally designed for econo-pc's but just happened to be better than anything else anyone had! 256MB per socket max (unless they improved it through bios), so you can use 2 256's or 1 256 and 2 128's.
    I have the older board. I would have gotten the C, but it wasn't available yet at the time. The performance is the same. In fact, because Intel shorted them on the non-video version of the chipset, I believe that the chipset is actually the video version without a port on the mobo!
  7. Thanks, that's what I needed to know
    I just assumed the newer boards for these CPUs would take pretty much as much RAM as you could buy
    Like no one needs that for a personal PC but...go figure!
    Thanks again
    Now to see what stinkin' CPU to go with it!
    What's the fastest CPU I can get that's still able to be OC'ed with this board ?

    Now I feel greedy!
  8. Another thing I just noticed looking at the screenshots of the Asus board and the aBit SE6
    They do not have the duel connectors for the ata 100 primary/secondary and then a second set for the older ide
    Now, I have 1 Hard drive which of course would go Primary
    But I have two IDE CD ROMs, a burner and a ASUS plain old 50X.
    How would I configure those ?
    One set as Master on the secondary channel with the second CD Rom as the Slave( burner ? )
    I keep getting this "don't put the CD-Roms on the same channel" or you get overruns, etc

    So, input ?
  9. About the RAM issue Via chipsets support more ram, but I would suggest that you AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE! The performance sucks, compatablility issues belong to them almost exclusively, etc. Like I said, the 815E is the best, and most freaks perfer the CUSL2 for performance and ease of use/available features.
    On the CPU issue: Depends on the batch. 99.9% of the newer 650's and faster will go at least 970MHZ. Some of the NEWEST 800's and 850's will go 1150 or more. I am talking to a guy right now that has a 1GHZ processor that overclocks stabley to 1200MHZ, but I wouldn't count on getting one that good.
    I recommend for most beginners a 700, because, when set to 133mhz FSB on a CUSL2, the memory bus will be 133, the PCI at 33, and the AGP at 66. This provides 933MHZ at the processor and keeps it below the magical 970-980 MHZ threshhold that most PIII's can't reliably pass. If you tried a 750 at 133 and found out that it would not go 1000 (133 FSB), you would be stuck overclocking the processor at a lower bus speed with a higher PCI and AGP bus, because anything less than 133 will use the 1/3-2/3 dividers instead of the 1/4-1/2 dividers.
    So your real choices are:
    1.) the 700 at 933 or higher(almost a sure bet at 933)
    2.) the 850E at 1.13 GHZ or higher (a 1-in-10 chance)
    Quick tip-the 700 should go to to 933 at 1.70-1.75 volts and will almost always be stable at that speed.
    The 850E should go to 1.13 GHZ at 1.85-1.95 volts, but might not be stable (wanna role the dice?)
    If your greedy and have the money to take that kind of chance, by the 1GHZ chip in the first place and try to get it to 1.2GHZ
  10. Your onboard controller is 100. I would suggest you get a second controller, they are cheap. And since your using a second controller, I would put the CD burner on it, since a controller can only access one device at a time. Make the CD-ROM the Master device on the Secondary chain of the first controller. Make the CD-RW the Master device of either chain on the second controller. Then you can write CDs from either the hard drive or the CD-ROM and have them transferring data at the same time as the burner is transferring and receiving data. That leaves you with support for your second hard drive and up to 4 more devices. Put them wherever you want. As for me, I've gone SCSI.
  11. the RAM issue Via chipsets support more ram, but I would suggest that you AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE! The performance sucks, compatablility issues belong to them almost >>>>>.

    Thanks for all of the tips and advice!
    I agree here as I am thinking my problem withthe AMD, well, I know the problem is the chipset!!!
    I put two new CPUs and 3 boards and got the same crap each's just not right
    yes it works but it's not right and I don't want to tip toe around watchign the damn monitor and rebooting when the CPU kernal just won't go down when everything is closed!
    I mean, I can boot up and make it do this within' 10 seconds.

    I am going for the 1 gig
    Heck with it!!!!!!!
  12. then full charge away!! have fun in GIG land

    -- takes one to now one --
  13. Cool. I suggest going for the retail box, as it will provide you with the three year warrantee, unless you know a vendor you can trust to back up an OEM unit for more than a few days. I found them on pricewatch by typing "Intel and 1Ghz and Retail" in the search box, thereby avoiding having to sift through the OEM entries. I hear the retail boxes might also be a higher grade processor (passed the test by a better margin) as well. Hope you see 1.2Ghz!
  14. THanks!
    The place that originally built and shipped me the system is a2z computers
    They have good prices but most of all, through all of this mess they just send me new parts and FULL discounted prices
    They are sending me the Asus CUSL2-C with the Pent III 1 Gig and a new stick of RAM as I have the EEC type second day Fed-x and are refunding me for what I send back
    Shipping has been free fed-x to me for all of this
    They have helped try to solve this by first
    Sending me a new boxed CPU and ASUS MB
    Then sending me a abit K7 Raid MB
    And now, sending me these new items and I get full refunds on the returns, no restocking fee and it's really not their fault!
    It has to be that damn chipset for the AMD processor....or the 1.1 TBird
    I just know one thing, I am not stupid and I know what I see, improper CPU Kernal 'usage'.
    It's a Windows OS/hardware deal I know but I am not really that into hardware but I am a tech and a software engineer so I know when something is at least not 'right'.

    The key with their help is not the 'send us the system'.
    I don't have the second system to use while I ship ALL of this off so they just send me whatever I need...and with patience!
    In fact, in the 3 weeks since I got the stuff, the RAM went from 199 to 119 I think so I will get refunded 199 and changed 119 for the new RAM
    Can't beat that and they could have not been honest and just let me eat that...just swap it but no, they went and gave me full refund and then 10% off these new parts!

    I can't say enough for their help!

    And for the help here too
    So this system should rip well :)
    The GeForce 2 GTX vid with this MB and CPU and the IBM Hardrive should be pretty nice!

    I am tired of the 'rebuilding' but I think this solves me for good!

  15. I just got the Tbird1100 recently, with Asus A7V... can you tell me exactly which setting to check? (I have both WinME and Win2k)
    I wanna make sure I am not experiencing the same problem:)
    Thanx (and best of luck with your new system, you've had enough headaches already:)
  16. It's a simple test
    Start up windows SE or ME
    ME is worse btw or it seemed to be!
    Just be sure that you installed the System monitor when you installed windows or add it now
    Not the resource meter but the System Monitor in the Accessories Folder

    Now, just load say, Media Player and close it
    Watch the meter
    Does it go back down after the initial 'spike' or say up and hover at a new higher level
    I can open and close a browser and get the same thing, Outlook Express
    Just be sure that you close them all down and don't have a 32 bit app running either
    OPen 1 of these and close it

    Good luck, I had NONE!!!!!!!
    Under SE you can survive it but ME would hit 100% on me and I slowed to a 486!
    SE did it once after the first install but has not done it since
    It has hit 90% and stayed there ( unless I load and play mediaplayer/etc)
    It's odd and a quirk and yea, picky except in ME
    I am almost betting the Win2K is going to be fine
    I have that but have not installed it as it's a upgrade and it will not install from the DOS prompt so I have not bother to install a old Windows 95 to upgrade over. Plus I don't have a 95 startup disk :x and I can't remember what CD Rom drivers to load, lol
    I need someone to make me a 95 startup!

  17. I hope you get good memory. Like true PC133 Cas2. You'll need that spec if you want to overclock!
  18. Seems like I had more luck than you did, its works perfectly normal for me, I just wanted to check was I performing the right test or if its something more complex.
    My machine is working beautifully, here are shortened specs if they can help you (I doubt it though:(

    AMD Tbird 1.1Ghz, Asus A7V, 256MB Crucial RAM (2x128), ATI AIW Radeon 32 MB DDR, 2x IBM 75GXP 46.1GB in RAID 0 configuration with Promise (I think) RAID controller, SoundBlaster Live Value, etc etc.

    Its a great machine, works with all I've thrown at it, too bad you didn't have as much luck with yours:(

    Good luck with your forthcoming machine:)
  19. I know it's PC133 but I am not sure what brand
    I am almost 100% sure it's
    SpecTek 256Mb 32x64 PC-133 08ns SDRAM Memory
    That's 119 now and that's what they charged me
    Now bad considering 3 weeks ago I paid 199 for the same EEC ram
    If I can't clock with that, well, so be it as that would be my luck!
    I can always buy more if it goes down at this rate, lol
    I just want the mutha to work right!

    So I ended up for like 150 more getting thePent setup...over the AMD so it's not that bad since the prices dropped
    I went to AMD for price and for quality I though, price yes, quality I know is good but for me and that 1.1, it hates me!
  20. Good, good. Set it up, when you get it done, try overclocking. If you have problems overclocking, write back. One guy with cheap memory posted that he couldn't even get his system to load windows at the default memory settings. When he set the memory speed at 100, everything was fine. Problem is, memory was detected as PC133 Cas2, but it would not run that fast! I expect this was an isolated incident. But I thought I would tip you off to what might be the problem if you get your super system together and it still has problems! I get my memory from Crucial.
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