Budget laptop with an emphasis on the webcam

Hey guys,

I'm after a laptop almost exclusively for casual internet browsing, some LogMeIn to connect to my desktop (so a nice resolution preferable) and most importantly for using as a webcam!

Something that looks nice would be a bonus (yes, I'm shallow!) but most important is the price and the inclusion of webcam.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated, thanks!
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. Thanks guys, I'm in the UK (so no black Friday deals for me!) but my budget is around £400 or so. Equates to maybe $600 when you allow for import taxes and conversion rates?

    So yeah, something in that range with an emphasis on having a good webcam :o
  3. Gotcha. So I assume that you want to buy from a US based site or are there any UK sites/stores that you have in mind?
  4. Oh, definitely a UK store I think since it'd cost so much to import - sorry I didn't really check the specifics of this forum so much, just visited through the .co.uk domain and assumed the forum would be UK too :$ Sorry!
  5. Many thanks, I do really like the look of the G62 - but just a quick Google and it seems the trackpad doesn't support multitouch gestures, which I guess means I won't be able to do the two finger scrolling etc like on a Macbook? (I'm using one right now, not a huge fan but the trackpad gestures are ace!)
  6. You'll be hard pressed to find a PC/laptop with multi gesture support. I'll see what else I can find though and get back to you.
  7. Ahhh, yeah I did think that unfortunately - it's just the swipe to scroll I like really, sooooo much easier than having to scroll across to the right sidebar!
  8. Hmm, bit of a shame - went to try out the G62 in a shop and whilst I was quite impressed, the keyboard wasn't brilliant and the trackpad was actually rather horrible!

    Putting a focus onto usability (nice keyboard and trackpad) and a good webcam, and stretching my budget up to £500 - is there anything else I should look at? otherwise the G62 isn't a bad option at all anyway I guess.

    Thanks again
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