Error 0xc00000e9 ; computer won't start

i have a dell inspiron Laptop and I'm running (or trying to run) windows 7 home 64 bit

1.)One morning windows would not start all or a sudden (i'm guessing due to an automatic windows update), it would only let me go into the recovery mode.
2.)I tried several of the recovery options to no avail until i finally got one to work.
3.)After that windows was working but was EXTREMELY slow despite my best efforts
4.)I decided to do a complete factory restore using my restore disks (the ones you make when you first get the computer)
5.) this worked perfectly and windows seemed to be running great until I restarted, and on the restart it took me to a black and white screen that gives me the 3 instructions (none of which help). the status on that screen says 0xc000000e9
6.) the only thing i can do is boot to the recovery disk and reformat again, and the same thing then happens: windows works great until i turn off or restart, then I'm back at the black and white screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. The cause of this sounds very much like a failing hard drive, you should download and run the manufacturer of your hard drive diagnostic software from their web site to test this. Hard drives often fail on laptops like this due to them having been moved or knock when powered on.
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