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Need to upgrade a PII 233

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January 3, 2001 4:30:59 PM

I want to upgrade an old 233 PII gateway I got a few years ago. It has a slot 1 LX mobo which I think is limited to a 66MHz bus and isn’t able to get a low enough voltage for any of the Celerons. I looked into getting a Slocket a little while ago and was revisiting the idea. Do some of the slockets control the voltage to the CPU? If so what would be a good brand and what Celeron would you suggest. Would I be able to go up to a 700 MHz celeron with the correct slocket? Or would I need to limit myself to pre-FC-PGA celerons which would limit me to a 533 or so I think. I would really appreciate any help or other ideas.

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January 3, 2001 9:59:34 PM

Depends on the motherboard, it might support a PII 450. I would suggest getting the fastest PII it supports and then selling it. But it's not all bad news. For $150 you can get a 700 overdrive by visiting
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January 3, 2001 10:31:57 PM

I think the fastest PII it will support is a 333PII. I think that anything above that needs a 100Mhz fsb. Im pretty sure that the Mobo is maxed at a 66MHz fsb. I dont think it would be worth while to just jump up 100MHz.
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January 4, 2001 12:36:53 AM

Yeh, but if it supports a high enough multiplier, like maybe 7, you might be able to get a 450 and set it to 466 (those PII's weren't multplier locked were they?)
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January 4, 2001 12:39:13 AM

I would either replace the motherboard or get a 700 overclock. Come to think of it, I think your board probably only goes to 5X and PII 450's probably are locked anyway.
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January 4, 2001 12:40:15 AM

Gee did I just say overclock? I meant overdrive. Time for me to get some rest!
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January 4, 2001 3:01:02 PM

thanks for the help. I checked out that overdrive and it will only work with a system that has a 100 FSB. I'll look around and see what else they have though. 700 would be nice but I would be happey with 500 or 600.
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January 4, 2001 6:13:27 PM

Well, I went back to tanat page and clicked ont the apropriat links and it brought me here:
Cick on the approriat links, it says that you can only get 500 of 600 like you said. Sorry not 700, but at least it's something better than what you have now! I really think the 700 would be compatable too, though, as I think thaey have just done poorly on updating their webpage. Maybe you should give them a call. They all use Celeron processors at 66MHZ FSB. The only trick involved is the special slotket they use.
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January 4, 2001 6:18:59 PM

BTW the 600 is only $99, 50% cheaper than the 700.
January 5, 2001 12:54:01 AM

Check your mobo. My ABIT LX can do a 100MHz FSB and low voltages. No point buying a new mobo if there is no need. You could save the money and get a PIII of a celeron and overclock the FSB