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Hello guys.

Sorry if this topic is placed in the wrong category.
But i need youre help over here :')

When i get paid, i can get a new keyboard OR a new mouse
And if i buy a mouse/ i need to wait a month for the keyboard.
Or if i buy the keyboard/ i need to wait a month for the mouse then.

So is it better to buy a mouse, or keyboard now?
Im playing games like WoW, SW:TOR, Tera, Guild Wars 2.


Is it better to buy the Razer Naga, or the black widow?

Thanks x)
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  1. What are you currently using?
  2. A packardbell keyboard/ just a 5$ one i got free with my older pc
    And a logitech mouse (5$) nothing special xD
  3. I think you'll notice a better mouse more than a better keyboard. A laser mouse with a lot of buttons and features is a bigger improvement than a nicer keyboard.
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