Upgrade HDD and RAM on Sony VAIO VGN-FS980

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to help a friend out. He has an older laptop, and he busted his HDD (as per the tests I ran giving many critical errors).... Of course this was because he slammed his fists into his keyboard in frustration, whoops!

So he's given ti to me to 'fix' it up. I'd like to try and give him a bigger HDD and better RAM as well.

I've never really replaced parts in laptops, taking it apart was easy, but the different HDD types confuse me a bit.

The HDD itself is Hitachi model DK23EB-40.

Would this HDD be a suitable replacement?

As for memory, here I'm a little confused. On the product website it says that the RAM is DDR2 PC2-4200. Taking out the RAM it's uh.. Some brand I don't know lol. NANYA? NT512T64UH8A1FN-37B, (512MB each, PC2-4200S-444-12-A2 [is that the timing?] Would I be able to potentially use faster ram, as well as higher capacity? (I'm looking to get 2 1GB sticks as the product page says it can hold a max of 2gb).

But do I have to stick to PC2 4200? Or could I possibly use PC2 6400? Would the laptop be able to use the increased speed (because the price points I've found are very similar).

Perhaps these?

Any help would be appreciated, want to help him out asap :) thanks everyone
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  1. In regard to the RAM, I'd look around Sony's website to see if the motherboard supports faster RAM. If you go with faster ram and it doesn't support it, chances are it will work, but it will clock it down to the PC4200 level.

    In regard to the hard drive, the one you have selected should work, so long as the laptop supports the interface. After doing a cursory search, I get the same result, so it should do just fine.
  2. That seems to be a major problem, finding specific info on the laptop >_<
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