AMD is scaring me

I am having a tower built for me. It is going to be an AMD Thunderbird 1.1gig on a ASUS A7V motherboard. The tower has a 300 watt power supply. What is scaring me is the heat problems. I will have 3 twenty gig 7200rpm hard drives in it with a Plextor burner and the normal other stuff plus a Hercules Prophet GTS Pro 64 meg sound card and a Soundblaster Live or X-Gamer. They are putting two other fans in it also. I can't take the tower off because of having two furry Shelties running around. My question is what other things should I put in to keep the heat down? Also, I do I find out what it is heating at. I am a 52 year old woman who loves gaming. I am not a kid so don't treat me like one please.
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  1. depending on who's setting it up (how good exactly are they), you may or may not have a problem. I have 1.1Gig on Asus A7V, with 2 46.1Gb hard drives in RAID, Video card and a whole bunch of other stuff. However, VooDooComputers put a whole bunch of fans, a fantastic case, and made a great job of clearing the insides of the computer. The whole case makes a big "whoooosh" sound, like a really quiet vaccuum cleaner :smile: , but I have NO heat problems.
    However, if they put it together shoddily, you'll never have the end to troubles.

    Asus A7V has a temperature sensor on the motherboard, they (the builders) should install a little program called Probe (if they don't download it yourself:), it will report the temperature to you.

    Be aware, 1.1Gig Athlon runs HOT, even with proper cooling. Durons and PIIIs are cool as fridges in comparison, even when overclocked. Still, 80 means real trouble, don't get past 70 if you can avoid it... less is better:)

    Also, if you're in a cooler climate, consider having it near window/external wall if its gonna be cooler there (as long as the humidity etc are acceptable), maybe even keep the windows slightly open even in winter, as long as it is not causing you personally discomfort...

    hope that helps somewhat...
  2. Make sure you read pengying's post on the cpu page as an abject lesson on what NOT to do
  3. I like what you say about the AMD setup. Where do I look for the program Probe? I found one called CPUCool, is Probe like that one? I am having 3 or 4 fans put into the case. I live in Illinois so we get all sorts of weather.
    Thanks for your help
  4. I read pengying's post and I hope I know better then that. I just want to be able to play games and back up programs with Clone and not have to worry about the case smoking.
  5. Warranties were invented for those people who don't want to hodge podge together their own stuff.. (albeit some good hodge podging out there)

    For the rest of us, they invented fire extinguishers...

    Make sure you get the appropriate one..if in doubt, get both :)

    ***Hey I run Intel... but let's get real***
  6. I don't know about CPUcool, the probe Should come with the motherboard, since it is built by ASUS.
    In any case, you can download it (as well as other useful stuff) here:

    this is the exact file I believe:

    (one of those links should work :smile: )

    Good luck:)
  7. I believe your problem will be with the 3x 7200 RPM dives that generate alot of heat. and with no spacing in between will cause them to fail. Make sure you have plenty of spacing between those drives and possibly a drive cooling tray.

    Athlon makes a nice keychain. ETA on core meltdown is under 2 mins.
  8. I would have to suggest you make sure you have a Full Tower, with the necessary holes for extra fans at the top (above the power supply) and some at the bottom as well. I like the Aopen HX08 (ref: ). You have space for 2 case fans at the top back, and another one at the bottom front. I like to have the one at the bottom sucking air into the case, and the one at the top blowing air out. You could probably fit all of your hard drives at the top as well, there is a drive tray there, right in front of the spot for the fans (or put two there and one at the bottom front to space them out. It would keep the cables neat as well as avoiding concentrating the heat in one spot.). You would need long IDE cables though. In that situation as well, I mounted the CD-Rom and Burner in a couple of lower slots, again to keep the cables neat.
  9. those are all good suggestions, but she's having the system built by others, don't know how much she can customize it:(
  10. There will be no problems if you will make sure yer "Hercules Prophet GTS Pro 64 meg sound card" will have a proper cooling, cos if you will crank it up loud it will be overheated :O)

    On the other hand, don’t worry about the heat as long as you have extra out-taking blowing thing that will take hot air out of the box. Put one fan so it will be blowing over the hard drives and it will do it. I have my case open all the time, so I have no problems with heat.


    it is a mistake to be afraid to make one...
  11. I'm using MotherBoard Monitor 5.0 and it works well. You can get it at for free.It seems to work better then Probe. I also have a A7V. As along as you have a good heat sink and fan on the CPU and it is mounted right. Temperatures will remain in control. If you have any problems you can also get a better heat sink and fan there are a lot of good after market units out there. I just bought a Globalwin FOP38 for $21. My power supply has a fan, the SCSI HD has a exit fan on it and I have one fan bring air into the case. I also have a tower. With retail fan on the CPU it runs in the 40's C. I looking for the new fan to keep it in the 30's.
  12. >> it runs in the 40's C

    Which CPU??? the temp on its own is useless:(
  13. A7v motherboard and 1G T-Bird. I have not install the FOP38, I plain to do that today.
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