Urgent: Athlons and heat sensitive dyes???

Hi People

Quick query.

Do Athlon 800 cpu have a heat sensitive dye that will show if a chip has been cooked or overclocked??

My friend has returned his computer (1 week old) to the store because it kept on having GP errors within windows. The store checked over the computer and reckoned that the chip had been cooked or overclocked because half of the chips surface showed a 'heat sensitive dye'???

Is this total rubbish??

I need some replies in that I can face down the shop owner for my friend tomorrow.

Regards sporaxis
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  1. big important question:
    DID your friend Overclock it or install heatsink/fan improperly?
  2. Hi Kodiak

    THe cpu and HSF was installed by the shop and has never been overclocked or modified.

    This was a virgin setup, as it was only one week old.

  3. i have never heard of a "heat sensitive dye", but the cpu has a heat sensitive die (like very other cpu) that could be cooked from poor overclocking or a crappy heat sink installation. If your friend didn't overclock it and didn't take the heat sink off and put it back on half-assed, then it's the store's fault and I would be angry.
  4. give them a piece of your mind, go for the kill:)
    If they installed it, they have to take responsibility for their installation... as for exchange of for a full refund...

    I think there is no 'indicator' die that's there simply to show whether the CPU has been OCd or not... however, the CPU IS sensitive to heat, and could show burn marks if you REALLY messed it up... but since you did no modifications yourself, you're clearly not at fault :smile:
  5. Cheers

    I will definitely go in for the kill, the shop is taking advantage of someone who is rather clueless.

    I will be angling for a full refund, better to shop elsewhere.

    The shop is
    2B/1336 ALBANY HWY

    So if you live in Perth Australia, take care with these people.

  6. I also have never heard of any kind of heat sensitive dye. But I think its a good idea. It would be nice to have some kind of physical indicator that you could see to tell if the chip is cooked.
  7. well, that idea would require opening the case, taking heatsink & fan off, etc...
    much easier to keep an eye on the temperature reading through software :smile:
  8. Or if you could have warning in your bios resetting the compu or better yet shut it down BEFORE meltdown .

    oh well only time will tell

    Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
  9. doesn't ASUS Probe software do that, the computer shudown?
  10. I do use the bios and the probe to monitor temps and I think the Asus boards have an alarm on the board an will shut down if they get too hot.

    But I am just saying it would be a nice diagnostic tool to determine if the chip is a gonner. I say this because I help fix a lot of people's computers and a lot of times I have to find other parts to swap in and out to determine what is wrong. Usually I am not there when things go wrong, I'm called in later to clean up the mess and some kind of indicator would make things a lot easier.
  11. Yes it does shut irt down if yuo set a treshhold for your CPU.. only in case of improper mounting of a heatsink on a duron cpu i witnessed this very thing. The cpu surely was fried and dead. on of the reatainning clamps or whatever there are called gave an the heatsink came of. The compu shutted down to late..
    It was just starting up when this happened.. i.e. the start up has to take place doesnt it .. so the minute the probe program was loaded the compu shut down .. far to late i might add

    If the bios had a treshold the shut down would have been a lot sooner .. hence my opting this solution.

    Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
  12. ok, I concede the points:)
    since it takes athlon longer too boot up then to fry, a software solution might not always work :(
    And seeing right away if a given chip works or not might be useful...
  13. YES, the AMD CPU will change color (darker) after being burnt. never knew there was "reactive dye" just knew that it was discolored from being burnt.

    Asus mobo bios did not shut down to prevent core meltdown. It just report the tempeture and gives audible warning when threshold was broken.

    If the HSF is not installed correctly, The CPU will fry.
    It is now a common practice for me to go into BIOS after new build to watch the temp for a few mins. If your CPU exceedes 109 degrees ferinhiet turn your system off and reseat the HSF.
  14. >> If your CPU exceedes 109 degrees F

    Which CPU? Duron maybe, 1Ghz+ Tbirds will run a LOT hotter, no?
  15. I'm aware of "Athlons are heat sensitive and are likely to die" but not "heat sensitive dye" I'm just here to help.
  16. I do not use cheap HSF, 109 @ idle in ROM is about correct.
    When HSF is off or not seated properly it will shoot upwards of 130+

    A 1.2 might have a little higher temp at idle, but it shouldn't be over 120 @ idle

    Im also not sure if your mobo has a TDC throttle duty cycle, this will force higher temp @ idle
  17. Heh, AMDMeltdown. heat + sensitive = die
  18. I just read that the DFI Socket-A mainbaord series of AK74 has a thermal-shutdown protection. I quote from http://www.dfi.com/press/arch34.asp : "With DFI's unique "dual air bags" solution exclusively designed for the AK74 series motherboards that uses AMD CPUs, users can rest assure the quality and stability of these motherboards. The first air bag is the Fan Guardian. If abnormal speed is detected, which usually means that the fan is not able to provide the optimal heat dispersion needed for the CPU, the system will automatically shut down in no time to protect the expensive CPU. The second air bag is the Thermal Guardian. The system will automatically detect the external temperature after the system boots and before the operating system starts. If the external temperature exceeds 60oC, the system will shut down automatically."
    It sounds like a good system to me and older AK74(SC) owners can upgrade their bios to get this fancy feature also..... Good thinking DFI! BUT: the AK74 series ISN'T the fastest Socket-A mobo solution out there.....yet I still like it.
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