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Ever since I built my fist PC (The "Altair" based on the 8080 CPU) I have been a staunch Intel supporter. There have been other competitors throughout the years, but all have been just a “blip” on the radar screen of the CPU market. Until now. Until the Pentium 4. I am left wondering what the heck Intel was thinking. I have seen the benchmarks. I have read the specs. Is this a sign that the Goliath of chipmakers has lost its way? Has David finally dented the skull of the Giant enough to wake it up?

Methinks they should have spent more money on R&D of the P4 and less on those inane commercials with the “Blue Group”

I am buying an AMD and recommending to all my clients that they either do the same, or wait to see if the P5 stomps the competition – but who wants to wait?
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  1. Actually it didn't begin with the P4. It began with the P3. AMD's Athlon is the counterchip to the P3, and AMD's Duron chip is the counterchip towards the Celeron. Both AMD chips are far superior to Intel's chips, and priced lower. So you can see how the "Giant" took a tumble.
  2. I don't know about "far". AMD Athlon CPU's are a little more powerfull than the PIII in their current incarnation. But your computer's only as good as the motherboard, so I consider it a mute point. Also, overclocked PIII's tend to OUTPERFORM overclocked T-birds, main reason being that increasing bus speed gives much larger gain than increasing multipliers. This will change when 133 bus T-birds overtake the 100 bus T-birds in the market. If you don't believe me, compair your system by speed in 3D-Mark 2000, PIII's seem to hold most of the top spots at my speed. I'll buy AMD when a better chipset comes out.
  3. I think that intel will batte for the best chip with AMD for years to come, look at it as gaining another good CPU maker rather than losing the one we have.
    If it wasn't for the Athlon we would all just be going "wow another faster chip from intel with the release of the P4". It is only the competition that makes intel look bad. lets hope they keep a close fight and force prices down as far as they can go...


    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
  4. Well, there is some truth to Grizely's post however, the PIII at 1 GHz beats up on the Athlon (at 1GHz). If only it would reach a faster speed. Expect a better result out of the Tualatin. As far as the PIII's design, it was awesome when it was new... I think Intel's only mistake was to wait so long to get the P4 out.

    Another thing to remember is that office benchmarks aren't so good anymore. If office apps were all people cared about then the 800Mhz computers would be more than any reasonable user could handle. I don't know why people bother anymore. That aside, there are still some areas where the Athlon beats up the P4. There are some areas where the P4 beats up the Athlon. So it goes...

    And one final complaint (whine) before I go... if I hear another clock for clock comparison I will puke. Who cares if the P4's clock for clock performance falls to the Athlon. The Athlon is topped out at 1.2 GHz while the P4 is at 1.5 GHz. Clock speeds aren't relative when the architectures are so different. If they were would the 700 MHz EV6 processor rule the world? Probably not.

    -Ducks Rule
  5. Never count intel out of the game. They learned their lesson with Rambus, the MTH problem, and they'll learn their lesson with the P4. Everyone has slumps- intel's just came at the wrong time. Intel still has WAY more assests then any other chip company. I think intel needs to learn that it can't survive without being "friendly" with other chip companies- such as VIA, SiS, and certain memory companies. It tried to take over with Rambus- but that screwed up. I think they need to focus solely on CPU's and chipsets- not Bluetooth, crappy intel power saving chips, memory, video chips, and network processors. It has failed in almost all of those things, except network chips- they've done fairly well with that. They'll bounce back. If they don't, AMD will take over and eventually turn into Intel. Competition is ALWAYS good.

    -MP Jesse
  6. "who wants to wait?" Amd puppies are always waiting on their masters, feed them.

    doogie poo, doogie poo, doogie poo poo!
  7. AmdMeltdown,

    You have been hurting my feeling lately.
  8. Until recently being a "staunch intel supporter" made sense. The athlon changed all that. Although for many people only concerned with business applications, the K6-2 did a lot too.

    You're shouldn't be devoted to a company, it's products that matter. I'm pretty sure some where down the line intel will get their stuff back together. Many of the athlon engineers were former DEC Alpha workers, that's what I attribute the athlon's success to.
  9. remember if it wasn't from the competition of amd your PII
    (or maybe ppro) would be around 500mhz tops! and cost over $1000 usd

    who is more foolish...
    the fool, or the fool that takes his advice?
  10. .... Sorry, but the Athlon destroys the PIII in any app except ones that favor SSE only.

    .... Also, the Athlon 1.2Ghz destroys the PIV 1.5HollowGhz in any app. except ones that favor SSE2 only. Even OCing the PIV doesn't let it keep up.

    .... For the skinny on all this and comparison benchmarks check out:

  11. I think with the recent sale of 3dfx it kinda puts an different spin on what we think is the "elite" hardware. Think about it, it was only a short year and a half ago (give or take) that 3dfx released their "invincible, amazing" voodoo3. Now theyre gone. Kinda makes you think...

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  12. I think that pretty much all of us were intel supporters in one form or another, either willingly or Grudgingly, because there was not a whole lot else to buy if you were serious, Cyrix popped thier head up, made some noise, then dissapeared again, They say that competition improves the breed, and AMD certianly leapt out of the blocks and have a big lead, but dont write intel off yet, just maybe think about what they are capable of, and if they can do an AMD, to AMD, it will take a hell of a processor to get ahead again though
  13. this gotta be the most inane statement ever made!

    I'm not sure if you're quoting some other dumbass on this forum!

    first of all, the P3/P4 has new instructions, 144 are NEW! for the P4...

    ....So, try and absorb that through your think FREAK'N hollow mhz/chimpzilla head!

    both, of your statements sounds like this: joe shmoe destroys mike tyson in any ring/arena, except when mikes hands are untied.

    You "amd puppies" sound like snobs with statements like that, this is what starts all the wars and sh*t that goes on in toms "amd users forum".

    You know chimpzilla has some nice things going for it and so does chipzilla, you do know this right?

    Tom Pabst posted a few messages regarding the P4, I suggest you visit that thread.

    - Amd Helpdesk -

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  14. .... Don't know what you're ranting about? Did you go and check out that page I linked to?

    .... Its clear that without SSE(2) the PIV 1.5HollowGhz performs somewhere between a Pentium 50 and a PIII 1Ghz.

    .... Also, without SSE the PIII always is slower than an equally clocked Athlon. When the Athlon is on DDR even SSE can't help the PIII to keep up.
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