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Hi, you know how in movies, I know its movies, but when a system boots up some techy looking screen would come up and some big door would open and a computerized would say "Access Granted" or something like that, well is there any way to do that to an ordinary computer and if it is, can anyone help me out on how to do it, REALLY quickly? BTW, I've got a fairly powerful computer(i5-3210M, 6gbs RAM, Nvidia 630M 1024mb), so hardware wouldn't be a limitation
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  1. A Google search of "custom windows 7 login screen" will provide multiple sources for you to use. It really depends on how deep you want to go. For example, check this link:
  2. ^^ that will do your login secreen,
    will put any pic/animation & or text you want in place of the windows starting @microsoft xxx and the pulsing windows
    if you really want your system to look different get this
    now it used to be that it was a lot of ballache to ghet a full shell theme going but that one i linked has an exe file thatll do it all for you, sounds icons the lot,
    if your not allready patched for custom themes heres an exe to do that too,
    30 seconds and done
    ps if you get an empty rar file for the theme try the mirror, links get broken over time on that site ive found, but they still dl?
    any way happy modding ;)
  3. try this software it's very easy to use
  4. sadique59 said:
    try this software it's very easy to use

    That only changes the background, had it for yeas now, thanks anyhow, still looking...
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