Windows 7 'Fade' effeact turns into a black screen for about 1-3 sec

Hi, i just install windows 7 onto my computer. I have had problem after problem getting it to work and the service on microsoft is terrible!

I know this is a really small problem but it really bugs me :). So when i press Ctrl Alt Delete it goes to a black screen instead of fading out. The time that it stays there varies, and i didnt have this problem when i first installed windows. To my knowledge is suposed to fade out to the screen that gives you those options, not give you a black screen even if its for 1/2 a sec to 4 seconds.

I know small problem but im tired of things not working (And a fresh install has been done many a time-maybe 4). Its been really a hassle!

Thanks Ahead! :hello: :pt1cable:
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    i have a brand new laptop with windows 7 professional and discrete graphics (NVS 3100M). it doesn't fade, it flashes black and the options show up. I haven't made any alterations to this laptop yet. Are you SURE it's supposed to fade?
  2. I thought so, but if not, then its not supposed to... I really did think it did :(. Maybe im going nutz! :)
  3. My Specs:

    P4 3.2 GHZ
    3GB RAM
    1TB Total Internal HDD Space

    Just to put that out there... :)
  4. On mine, Ctrl Alt Delete goes to a black screen for an instant (<< 1 second) before bringing up the options. I don't think it is supposed to fade.
  5. Ok thanks for the Confirmation, just checking to see if that was something that really happened! :)
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