Cant install new graphisc drivers without computer breaking


I just recently got a new SSD and wanted to start fresh with a new Wwindows 7 install. Thus I dc'd everything and succesfully installed windwos 7 professional. However, after i update my graphics card driver (Radeon HD 5xxx series) I get ascreen without icons, start menu or anything except the background. Pressing CTR-ALT-DEL gives me a blackscreen, forcing me to reinstall windows again. I tried diferent version of Catalyst control center (10.4 and the latest one) and they bothgive the same error. Googling this error was not very fruitful as the solution mostly said to right click in some way, which is impossible for me due to a lack of a mouse or any other things on the screem
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  1. Can you use the display driver from Microsoft through Windows Update?
  2. This sounds familiar to a post earlier this month? Any relation?

    Reboot the computer and press F8 as it comes up. Choose Boot to VGA mode.

    Does all your icons and desktop return? (It will look like crap but it gets the point across)

    What is happening is the new video drivers is expanding your screen beyond the viewable range. Go into Catalyst Control Center and look for something called Scaling Options. Run the slider bar until everything appears.
  3. Thanks for the help everyone, it was a strange error. I'm actually re-installing my dada's computer (but left that out because it wasnt hepful info :P) but it appears he connected two cables from our graphics card to the same monitor, making it a weird kind of dual screen setup that messed up everything. Pulling out one connection and rebooting did the trick.
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