Please recommend laptop/netbook for Mom

My father has tasked me with finding a decent laptop for my Mom to use. Doesn't necessarily need to be before Christmas, but if I can snag one during the upcoming sales that would be good.

Main use will be writing, so MS Word most of the time, maybe some light browsing.

Need to be $350 or less out the door(shipping if not local/Best Buy or tax).

She says she would like a full size keyboard, but I think she would adjust to a slightly smaller one. So I am thinking 14 or 15 inch.

Definitely want Windows 7.

If we could possibly squeeze in a (small) ssd, that would be awesome. I might be willing to buy the ssd seperate, as a gift from me, if need be, but don't want to spend too much.

Refurb is definitely ok.

Does any one have any recommendations? I am a custom gaming desktop guy, so completely out of my realm of knowledge.

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  1. Opps seemed I necroed post. Which is wierd considering this appeared on the first page.
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