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I have noticed at times task manager says that cpu usage is 100% however when I double click task manager and sort the process by cpu usage there is no high cpu using processes, and them all added together don't equal anywhere near 100% even if the bottom of the task manager says cpu usage: 100% Why is this?
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  1. Click the "View" menu and select "Show kernel times". It may be that you have a rogue device that is constantly interrupting.
  2. ok I got the kernel times but no idea what it is or what to look for, so what am I looking for with the kernel times?
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    Look at the CPU graphs under the "Performance" tab. CPU usage by normal tasks is shown as a green line. CPU usage by the kernel is shown as a red line.

    Since you're saying that you've got 100% CPU usage but it's not showing up in any process, I'm guessing that you've got a graph that shows a red line?

    If so, your system may be handling an excessive amount of interrupts. One possible cause of this might be a disk that's running in PIO instead of DMA mode.
  4. Oh right yeah I got the green line and a red line, the green line is always higher then the red line.
  5. So when the status info at the very bottom of Task Manager says your CPU usage is 100%, does it look like the values for the green line and the red line add up to 100%?
  6. yeah it does
  7. OK, so it sounds like you've now been able to account for all of your CPU usage as per your original question.
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  9. hello
    i m also facing same prob of 100 % cpu usage by some unkown process and my device gettin slower n sounds r cracking wen cpu usage shoot up .......
    kindly gimme some solution
    ran full antivirus scan but nothin s there ...
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