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HP dv6-3143us (a general question)

Hello my friends, i found a killer deal on newegg.

I want to ask if its upgradeable to i5 later on as it has i3 370M in it by stock. Is its cpu upgradeable?
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    According to the Intel spec page:
    - i3-370M is 35 W, BGA 34mmx28mm package and needs PGA988 socket
    - i5-560M is 35 W, BGA 34mmx28mm package and needs BGA1288 or PGA988 socket

    So my guess is Yes and you won't even need a new fan/heat-sink... looks like i7-640M also lies in the upgrade path.
  2. thanx for advice man, means if a laptopis i3 or i5 it canbe upgraded with any same socket dual core like i5 560m or i7 640m.
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