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Hi all, with regard to print heads of Canon Pixma MX series (MX715, MX895, etc.) which is, according to your experience, the longest period of time of printer inactivity without print head getting clogged? I'd decide if I buy a pixma printer with build-in print head or a pixma printer using cartridges with build-in print heads.

Thank you.
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  1. A good question and it pertains to most printers. But the answer is pretty much the same. They will both clog but just use either once a week at least and you won't have a problem.

    It depends on how much printing you do. If you are considering inactivity, I assume you don't do much printing.

    Depending on your use, you could consider a laser printer. They don't clog but you might have the shake the toner cartridge.

    Happy printing, the Prisoner.
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I print not su much. Usually my printer can stay incative up to one month. At the moment I own a HP J4580, and so far (I have it since 2 years and a half) no problem with dry print heads. It uses black and color cartridges with build-in print head. I0m also pointing out Pixma MX515 which are black and color cartridges as my current HP. The only problem is that the Pixma MX515 is not the same level as the MX895 or MX715, expecially with regard to ADF. The latters can scan double-sided sheets which is something the MX515 can't do. MX515 only prints double-sided sheets. However, the Canon website states that "for optimal prints you must use a cartridge within six months its first use".

    I don't want to buy laser printer basically for three reasons:

    1) At the moment laser printers are more expensive than inkjet printers;
    2) At the moment running costs are oftne lower for inkjet printers (with separate colors) as compared as to laser printers. Yet, although the mass is moving to laser printers at the moment the bargain is on inkjet;
    3) Multifunctional laser printers are bigger and "ugly" as compared as many inkjet, particularly Pixma MX series.

    We'll see....
  3. Laser printers do cost more. But for just black printing( lower cost per page depending) they are worth it, color not so much unless you need the advantages for a color laser.

    Multifunction lasers can be pretty big and expensive. I'm don't really like multi functions that much because if for example the scanner breaks, now you just have a big printer.

    You can clean print heads but since you don't print a lot it doesn't make sense to buy a printer that uses print heads. The cost of ink is lower but you have to figure in the cost per page. It would probably be awhile before you would have to replace the print heads since you don't print a lot. What a mean, in terms of a lot might be 800-1000 pages a month. Which isn't much for some people.

    Also you have to consider that manufactures have expiration dates for their ink, They have chips on the cartridges that tell your printer that the ink is old. So if you don't use it all up before it expires then you can't use it.

    Cannon makes good printers, why are you considering those printers? Just because of ADF? If ADF is important and it gets heavy use, you may want to consider a separate ADF scanner.

    Anyways, I hope this helps!

    the Prisoner.
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