SEAPORT service disappeared after I set it to manual. Can it return?

A couple of re-formats ago, I was in the process of windows updating, and noticed norton internet security crashed, during the update installations (while I was hooked up to the internet, still). When I checked the windows system log, I noticed a service had crashed at the same time as norton--SEAPORT. So, after re-formatting again, I load Windows 7 Home Premium, and "stop" SEAPORT service, and set it to "manual".

I just noticed in services, it is not listed, anymore. I was going to scroll down the list of services, after all the updated, and "start" SEAPORT again, and, set to "automatic"....but it's gone.

Are services that are stopped and set to manual automatically de-populated from the services list? If so, is there a way to start it, again?
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  1. You can try MSCONFIG and see if it shows under services there. If it does you should be able to re-enable it there.
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