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Hello, i am a music producer/ beat maker and i am looking for a pc laptop that is great and compatible with most beat making programs and sound kits id also like to play a few mmorpgs(online Role playing Games) with less lagg time. so im looking for somthing with great memory, maybe a webcam but with great memory and sound card plus more.
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  1. I'm not sure if laptops have studio quality (dedicated) sound chipsets. It's been mostly an integrated taken-for granted freebie unlike GPU which is something gamers check before buying a laptop. You can read this article about discrete sound solutions and the following extra kit might be worth checking too.

    As for the rest of the system, you'll need a top CPU (to avoid latency) and lots of DDR3 RAM for your audio applications. You might as well go for a gaming laptop.

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  2. go with Lenovo Y560 with i7 740qm and 5730 in 900$ at newegg

    The stock is about to end so get it as fast as possible
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