Asus G73jh worth it?

I kinda need a laptop to last me for the next 2 to 3 years, been looking at an Asus G73jh, it seems the best bang for the buck with the following specs:

i7 720QM
ATI 5870 1GB
6 GB DDR3 1333mhz
640 GBS 7200 rpm

First, what is this lap capable of? I mostly play generic shooter like cod and rts like SC 2, some wow here and there etc. Id like to be able to play future games as well, i dont really care for ultra high, high will do.
Also, and more importantly, is this a reliable product? Do you know of any problems I should be aware of?
Feel free to add anything you feel important, thanks.
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  1. The Asus G-series is getting a quite a bit talk in these forums (Sager too). The specs u got there do look sweet.

    You might want to focus your research on the GPU. ATI HD5870 will run faster on GDDR5 mem but i think the 1GB you mention is GDDR3. It' on a par with GeForce GTX 460M and everybody seems to want that GPU in their xmas laptop. According to this review (see bottom of page), it will produce 56fps for SC2 in high detail and 41fps in ultra detail.

    Laptop Advice:
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