Best 27" gaming monitor.

Hello everyone, I want a new monitor to replace my current one (some generic Dell)

I have a few options I like right now, the main thing is that I can't spend more than £350 and don't care too much for 3D right now. There are a number of options I have thought of already, please tell me opinions and suggest others if you see fit:

Samsung LS27A750DS

BenQ EW2730

Asus VE278Q

Samsung T27A550

I'm open to all sizes above 24"+ but would really like a 27" doesn't really need speakers and it will be used for gaming.

Thanks all!
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  1. If you don't care about 3d, I suggest you not bother with the Samsung LS27A750DS (not sure why Amazon UK adds the extra letters, as far as I can tell, the actual samsung model number is just S27A750D). The T27A550 has component and composite inputs, and even a TV tuner, which are good if you have old VCRs or old video game consoles to connect to it. If you don't have devices that need those inputs, it's probably not worth the extra cost. The BenQ you list is an A-MVA panel which has better static contrast ratio and viewing angles than the others, which are TN panels. However, the TFT Central review of it found it has considerable motion blur and average input lag of 33ms, making it unsuitable for gaming.

    Since you give your budget in british pounds, I presume you're in the UK. If you can save up a little more, perhaps you could consider the Hazro HZ27WC, available for £399.92 (inc VAT) here:
    TFT Central showed the motion blur as mild and measured the input lag at 8.8ms, plus it's 2560x1440.
  2. The HZ27WZ might be a little too pricey, whats your opinion on the ASUS model, it seems like a good monitor but all reviews I've seen.
  3. The Asus looks like a good monitor, but in your price range, the others are similar enough that it's hard to pick a clear winner.
  4. currently using the Asus, makes a fairly good monitor :)
  5. Would you suggest a smaller monitor? I sit about 26" away from my screen so would 27" be too big?
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