running Tbird 1.1 or 1.2 w/300watt ps POSSIBLE?

Is anybody out there successfully running a Tbird 1.1 or 1.2ghz with only a 300watt power supply? This sucks because I just bought an Antec SX1030 which comes with a 300watt ps.
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  1. <i>Only</i> a 300 watt power supply? Are you kidding? The only things with <i>more</i> than a 300 watt powersupply are rich people and servers. A 300 watt power supply is perfect, and it has a lot of power to spare for tons of other things - DVD, CD-RW, powerful video card, hard drives, etc.
  2. Yeah, 300w is enough. Unless you got RAID solutions with like 5 drives and crap like that.

    -MP Jesse
  3. Thanks but why does AMD only recommends 400Watt for the 1.1 and 1.2 Tbird?
  4. Where did you see that?......
  5. what kind of mother board are you using? Cuz I wanna get an Abit Kt7 raid but i'm not sure if it supports the athlon 1.2ghz
  6. Yes, it does support 1.2GHz T-Bird. Don't worry about that :)
  7. Enermax 451
    No server and I'm not rich.
    But I sure do like my PS.
  8. No problem with a 300W PS.

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  9. I've been aware of the 400w recommendation for 1.1,1.2ghz athlons, but I think you can probably get away with a 300w. Antec produces exceptional power supplies. Anandtech did a athlon PS review a while back. They found that an Antec 230W was extremely good, better than the majority of 300w supplies out there. In theory you can just read the power rail ratings, but as in the case of the antec 230w, this doesn't seem to tell the whole story.
  10. 300 watts should be good enough.

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