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Hey Forum, i Have an HP dv6646us (dv6000 series) that's about 3 years old.

The laptop an issue where it starts up and stays at the 'HP Invent' screen and the options to enter setup and other options are unresponsive.
I have to restart it about 6 times just to get windows 7 to load up. when windows does load up, at the loading screen it BSODs and gives the error STOP: 0x0000005c .
Then I have to restart about another 6 times and windows loads up normally.

I've noticed that when it's stuck at the HP Invent screen, the hard drive light does not flash at all and i don't hear the hard drive working at all. I can only assume that the hard drive is causing these issues.

I just want some of your opinions on if the issue is being caused by the hard drive or something else.

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  1. Try going to the HP website and downloading the latest BIOS for that model.
    To troubleshoot the HDD, just take the HDD out and see if it gets into BIOS without it. If it does, then it is the HDD. If it doesn't (I have a hunch it won't), then it is not the HDD. Very easy to check.
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