How can I allow a user on another computer admin privileges over a net

I'm trying to allow a user account on my win 7 home laptop admin rights on my win 7 professional desktop so i can send it admin level commands over command prompt and generally do more when file sharing.

Is this possible? if so how?

Both computers have an account called "Me" on them with exactly the same password.
The computer running win 7 professional is called ME-DESKTOP, and the computer running Win 7 home is called ME-LAPTOP.
I heard that setting the usernames and passwords to the same should work on some other forums, but i get the feeling that was referring to computers both running win 7 home, as it has evidently not worked here.

I think the problem is I've got to add \\ME-LAPTOP\Me to the administrators group on ME-DESKTOP but i can't find how to as when i try and add a new location it won't find ME-LAPTOP for me to select even though ME-LAPTOP has network discovery turned on.

Can anyone help? or is this the time-old problem of home and professional butting heads?
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    Quit making it complicated.
  2. i use teamviewer too, but i would like to use batch commands to make it quicker.
    that and if i can add a specific user to a group i can make my file sharing permissions more secure, as i really don't like having my permissions on my share folders set to "Everyone - Read" as that means anyone can copy my data on the network, where i only want my laptop to have access and maybe a few others in the future.
  3. so is there really no way to add users from other computers to my professional desktop? as even if i can't give admin access i'd like to be able to improve my share security
  4. with hamachi(LogMeIn) you can make an 'hub and spoke'-network wich allow you to change setting and remote controle an other pc in the network
    (sorry about my grammer,I ussely speak dutch)
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