GMA HD vs. Radeon HD 4250?

I'm a student, and Im struggling financially. But I am in need of a new laptop. I have narrowed it down to 2 laptops, but I am torn. From my understanding, the Intel GMA HD and the Radeon HD 4250 are very similar in performance, but anyways, here are the specs:

Laptop 1: $380 (Gateway NV55C35U)
CPU: Intel P6100 @ 2.0GHZ (3MB L3 Cache, 1066mhz fsb, yes, its dual-core)
HDD: 320GB, 5400RPM
webcam :D

Laptop 2: $380 (HP G62-364DX)
CPU: AMD Turion II P540 (2.4GHZ, 2MB L2)
GPU: amd Radeon HD 4250
HDD: 320GB, 5400RPM
Ram: 3GB DDR3
no webcam :(

The rest is pretty much the same. But when I am looking at Benchmarks, it looks like the p6100 outperforms the Turion. The Gateway also has 4GB DDR3, and is 1.3", while the HP is 1.4" (not that it matters). Any help is appreciated :)
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