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I currently have a celeron 500 mhz based system running windows 98 2nd edition and a socket 370 motherboard, and am planning on upgrading to a celeron 700 mhz processor. Can I just swap the two processors? I have done a lot of research and nobody can answer me! You guys seem to know what you're talking about so please answer me!
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  1. Which board is it? If it's running the i440BX chipset (or newer), you can almost certainly just swap the chips :)
  2. I'm not sure what board it is... It's a retail Hp Pavilion 6545c-should I go to Hp to figure it out? Or...
  3. Whenever I upgrade processors, I would personally prefer to do a clean install just to make everything clean.

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  4. Celeron 500 is normal PGA 2V FSB66

    Celeron 700 is FC-PGA 1.5V FSB66

    So to upgrade, just make sure your mobo SAYS " Support FCPGA" which automatically means support 1.5V, since FSB is unchanged, no problem.

    You don't have to think about anything else, because CPU and RAM upgrade have no relations with software and does not need reinstallation or whatever.

    or else hope you have a SLOT-1 mobo then use a convertor card which support FC-PGA with voltage increase from 1.5V - 2V for overclocking.

    Best regards
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