Need help choosing new MONITOR??

Im building my first gaming PC and need to choose an HD monitor to showoff its capabilities. I would like to keep the price at around $150. My system will include a GTX 670, so i want my monitor to show off its full potential. Iver narrowed it down to about two and would like help deciding. Also, i would like to buy it from either newegg or Tigerdirect

This one is currently on sale on newegg for a very good $129.99 but the only reason i hesitate to buy is it does not have an LED backlight, which i do not know if it is worth spending more on to get for gaming.

ASUS VS Series VS247H-P
This one is for over $190 on newegg and has nearly all the same specs as the one about except w/ an LED backlight. Like i said, i dont know enough about it to determine if its worth this price increase for the backlight.

If you could help me choose or find a new one that better than both, please do. Also i would like clarification on the difference between backlight/no backlight and its effect on gaming

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  1. The VH236H isn't without a backlight, it just uses a fluorescent backlight instead of an LED. LED backlighting allows slimmer (front to back) monitors and lower power consumption, but has little or no effect on game performance, and the effects on image quality are only significant if you're a graphics professional, not if you're a gamer.
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