I'll pay more for on chip thermo protection!

that's right! I will pay $100 to $200 more for "peace of mind" worrying about frying a chip is less, and I'll sleep better.

Dual rules!
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  1. Seeing how that is the last real advantage of a pentium chip as it soundly gets beaten on all aspects of performance will you finally buy an amd chip when they do add thermal protection?

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  2. LOL Yeah hehehehhehehehe

    If you're THAT worried about heat, you must have <b>really</b> bad hand-eye coordination, because you can't install a heatsink!
  3. Not to mention that alot of the newer mobo's will shut down when the cpu fan stops running.

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  4. To most of us this kind of issue isn't worth mentioning, but AMD lacks credibility outside the PC market just because of little issues like that. Having to watch over one or two PC is nothing, but having to look at a cluster of 20+ PC is the hell of a job (If it were all AMD CPUs, it could probably heat the building too LOL). As a personal user, you better find a retail version wich will cost MAX 50$ more and get a 3 year warranty.

    If it stops working after that then good, you can make a cool decorative pin out of it and you have a really good reason to get the newest one wihtout your girl saying you spend damn too much money on a computer that still works.
  5. I have two golden orbs installed and running perfect, I also leave my pc on 24/7.
  6. yes, I will look into future amd offerings that include these features, right now I have no plans on going back to a single cpu config now matter what the price/performance/value ratios are.
  7. Why pay twice as much when simply being careful can prevent your chip from being fried?

    Here in Australia I can pick up a Tbird 900 and board for less than the price of a PIII 933 chip. Go figure.
  8. Go away, ncogneto, I'm tired of you lying to all these poor people about Athlon soundly beating the PIII. From our previous conversations I know that you know that they are similiar in performance. I have yet to see a test that shows two equally configured systems where one significantly outperforms the other. Of coarse, I don't visit crack-pot sites, unless I want a good laugh! But the humor of your comments is drying up!
  9. Hi everyone. I use both AMD and Intel CPU

    I now have 3 dead AMD overheated processors that I cannot return to vendor.

    And I would like to add. I have the A7V by asus and it does NOT shut down if CPU overheats and burns to a crips. it just beeps. by the first beep it was too late to save my CPU.

    I would agree to pay a little more for piece of mind knowning that if the unthinkable happens and you do overheat the P3/P4 its not gonna destroy itself.

    Things that do not work with my AMD,
    My old EEPROM burner
    Lucas arts dos based games hate AMD, they do a CPU check
    Fast Video editing rejects being loaded on AMD system.
    Fast is a professional non linear video editing system.
    ProPhone 2.0 also does not run on AMD

    Also check this out, try the new madonion benchmark. every AMD system I have seen to date has a slight pause every few seconds. I run this on alot of machines and AMD seems to have a glitch. Intel machines do not show the same pause with identical hardware. video card is usually Gefore2 MX or better.

    After building and installing both AMD and Intel machines they come out to be same amount of money per system. the Intel systems are about 100Mhz less in clock but perform the same.

    With Intel machines I can order any part available except for RAM and build a stable machine and know the hardware is gonna work.

    With AMD I go thru a process of checking each part to be sure that it will work with the system I am building. It does suck to have to tripple check each power supply and order a backup PSU in the event the sales person lies to make the sale. I waste alot of time doing tripple checks on AMD compatability.
  10. Here's an idea, if you don't like AMD chips, don't buy them.

    And please keep in mind, the chances of an Intel fan persuading an AMD fan to buy and Intel chip is slim, and vice versa.
    So basically, threads such as these are pointless.
    I think our time would be better spent coming up with solutions to problems, rather than continuing an arguement that will never end.

    But then again, they do provide some nice entertainment.
  11. Love the processor, hate the available chipsets. I would recomend that Everyone build at least one, just because it is such an intense learning experience!
  12. I find that there are two types of persons that have problems with building and running AMD systems.

    The unfortunate and the idiots. The unfortunate might get a bad part, it happens to all of us. God I remember a whole motherboard blowing up on me(wasn't my fault- board was defective)- the capacitors started to melt. Returned the board, the tech looked at it and said "it's 1 in a 100000 odds a mobo being defective like that", apologized then he replaced it.

    Then there are the idiots, the guys who think they know how to put together a stable system. The guys that don't research there system parts before buying them. The guys that don't follow common sense procedures when putting systems together. The guys that don't install the latest drivers and finally the guys that buy crappy parts and wonder - 'Da why don't this thing work?'

    Well from the posts I have read, only 2 or 3 real idiots frequent this forum with horror stories. Thank god the other 6000+ members know how to build a stable AMD or Intel system.
  13. whats your point? I can buy a Tbird 900 for much less than what you paid for yours. Go figure that!

    hehe heeeeeeeeeeeehe....he...he...he...he!
  14. So, you are saying that all these websites like, sharkys, hard|ocp, and even toms are idiots? not so long ago [H] had a contest for amd keychains. NO i don't think they can be that "unfortunate" or "idiots".
  15. I built a system for someone who had selected the best of everything (from hardware reviews he read) without checking to see if there were any compatability problems. Of coarse there were. A person shouldn't have to go to these forums to find out which parts won't work with which motherboards. Later driver releases and software patches fixed everything, of coarse, but it took weeks for the drivers and patches to come, and he was starting to think he should have bought a COMPAQ by the time it was done!
  16. Ya, thats what I am saying, tom and the rest of the hardware sites are run by idiots.(thats sarcasm for all you a little slow on the uptake) I think Amdmeltdown that you have been smoking to much Vancouver super mojo and misinterpreted what I have written. LOL It's pretty straight forward.
  17. I'm sorry, but if you burned 3 AMD chips to a crisp, then it seems to become more an issue of... technical aptitude. One properly installed and properly researched heatsink should pretty much keep your system safe. I've done some pretty intensive stuff on my computer (including running some renders that actually fried, literally, my laptop computer) and have not yet exceeded 50C for my processor temp. Maybe you should just research heatsinks and case configurations some more?

  18. >> every AMD system I have seen to date has a slight pause every few seconds [in 3dmarks]

    that's really funny... I can't comment on other things, since I don't use professional Video software, but I can say with certain degree of certainty that 3dmarks doesn't pause after a few seconds on EVERY AMD with simple mathematical counterproof -- my AMD 1100 works fine, thanx:)
    I even ran 3dmarks at 32-bit, 1280x1024, with SETI@HOME running in the dos box, for the pure unadulterated heck of it -- ran fine (the scores were less than stellar of course, but that's what you get for buying ATI AIW Radeon -- great features, but somewhat mediocre 3d performance... I knew that when I was buying it though, so no sore dissapointments as with some other guys:)

    ps how the heck do you get THREE overheated CPUs???????????

    most people catch on after first one (there was that thread a week ago when a guy couldn't figure out why his CPU is smoking... he wanted to test his system before he put fan&heatsink on:(
    seriously, what do you DO to them???? just curious... :-)

    and finally, how do people keep saying that intel based machines never have any compatibility problems??? Are all the problems I see on forums a phatamorgana? am I hallucinating? Is this all a dream? :-)
    get real...
  19. Well said Chuck !
  20. You now have 3 dead AMD processors????

    I think somebody needs to learn to mount a heatsink.

    And the Asus A7V will underclock your processor when it starts to overheat. Although if you're a dolt and don't put on a heatsink, then no underclocking will save you from your idiocy.

    And which LucasArts DOS based games don't play well on AMD systems??? X-Wing? TIE Fighter?? I play those on my friends old AMD 486 clone, so I don't know what you're talking about there.

    I also don't know of any software that "rejects" being loaded onto an AMD system. Smells like more FUD.

    And if you're getting a pause in 3DMark every few seconds, than you have some serious problems (or you're full of [-peep-]), because my brand spanking new Athlon 1 GHz has no problems (nor did my old Duron 650).

    And also, not even Intel's failsafe against CPU overheating is a guarantee that it will save it (although it is better than nothing).

    But if you're a shmuck that can't latch on a heatsink correctly, you deserve to have your CPU's melt on you.

    Oh yeah, buy your CPU's from a better vendor too. I work at a computer store, and our two local suppliers will take back overheated components, because sometimes [-peep-] happens.
  21. I don't think that phenomena you describing is AMD-specific. A person with gorila tech skills can destroy any electronic device if they open it. There is alot of cites on internet and even books that their author know nothing about issues they write about. And there are people that own 2 scrudrivers and they think it made them hardware profesionals.
    user : do you have a spare cpu fan for pentium?
    me : what for?
    user : i read on internet that i can overclock my pentium 166 to 800MHZ.
    me :#$%@^&*(!!!

    All i can give you is the truth. Nothing more.
  22. > I now have 3 dead AMD overheated processors that I cannot return to vendor.

    Which CPUs? (Curiosity here)

    > After building and installing both AMD and Intel machines they come out to be same amount of money per system. the Intel systems are about 100Mhz less in clock but perform the same.

    So Tom is unable to review a CPU properly now? If you read through, you'll find that (at least for him) the opposite is true.

    As for cost, what about those of us who aren't using US dollars? $US100 suddenly becomes $180 or more, with that sort of difference, who is arguing......

    Let's not start on the fact I can build a dream system with a Tbird and 384MB SDRAM in it ($A5504 *retail*, I can easily do cheaper) for just over the cost of a 1.5GHz Pentium 4 CPU with motherboard and 384MB RAM ($A5048 retail, and I can't do better than that because my usual suppliers can't get em in).

    If I want 900MHz, I can get a Tbird and Board instead of a PIII 933 CPU only, and pocket about $80 in the process.

    Go figure.

    If you are careful, you won't fry your chip.

    Finally, retail prices were obtained from www.adelong.com.au
  23. Lets see, the fastest I can come up with for a socket 7 board is 6x124=744, nope, can't do 800 with a P166, not even in a liquid helium bath at 10v!
  24. Like the previous people said, if the fan shuts off so will the motherboard. Plus use a program like Hardware monitor pro. Or use thermal protection on the motherboard, you can put it on alarm mode or have it shut off when it gets to a certain temperature. How many people do you actualy know can say their AMD chip has fried on them? I dont know any and out of maybe 15 friends that build computers with me, 14 of which build with AMD, none have had overheating problems.

  25. You need k6-2+ for _something_ X 6. And then this o.c. may be possible. P166 has max. multiplier of 3 or 3.5.

    All i can give you is the truth. Nothing more.
  26. No offence, m8, but here's a little ditty I've just thought up (with my spare megahurtz on my Athlon):

    Meldown! Meltdown!
    He's so lame!
    With posts like that,
    He deserves a flame!

    Meltdown! Meltdown!
    With his Intel P4,
    And its Rambus throughput,
    Though DDR gives more!

    Meltdown! Meltdown!
    With his 820MTH,
    He's the guy on this forum,
    That we all love to hate.

    ... this is meant as fun, and should be taken in good spirits. Sorry for calling you lame, but that's poetic licence for ya :)
  27. There is a sollution I think.

    You need two programs that work together:
    first you need "MBM"(motherboard monitor) which can be found on http://mbm.livewiredev.com/
    then you need "Shutdown" which has a funtion that can read and act on the values given by MBM. Shutdown can be found here...
    I am certainly gonna use them when I finish building my new system.
  28. Nice poem. You should publish that...

    - "I forgot my shirt, but I had body glitter."
  29. very nice, but would it have killed you to mention amd in your ditty? :)
  30. Yeah, but it kinda messes up the syllables, don't ya think...
  31. To get back on topic: does one single temperature sensor have to make a CPU twice as expensive?
  32. LOL Good one!

    But it's not really just one temperature sensor. That's part of it, but the other part also is smart enough to shut off the cpu at the right temperatures. I'm pretty sure that's hardware done (not sofware)
  33. Heh, if the thermal was not an issue than why is this thread growing so fast? =P

    Fricken POS AMD design. GG AMD.

    As well all know HSF never fail and everyone knows that the HSF always sits flush with the CPU. (sarcasm)

    I dare you to test your BIOS to see if it will shut down. I also know that they give audible warning when the temp has been reached.

    http://www.abit-usa.com/english/download/bios update/bios-kt7a-raid.htm

    This bios is getting to general public on shipped mobos.
    Still a very high chance you have a older BIOS.

    Asus, does not shut down with current BIOS.
    shutdown to DOS is not the same.

    Ok so you gotta do a BIOS update when available. No big deal right? GL

    This means unless recently purchased (the past week) a new mobo it does NOT have any capabilty to shut down in the event of overheat. HAVE A NICE DAY

    I posted links so you girls cannot lie about what your totally clueless on.

    AHAHAHAHAHAH eat that beeotch

    I also see the glitch in 3Dmark bench on an AMD 1.1 Tbird with Geforce2 64 DDR. its not really a pause but more like a lost frame or 2 every 3 seconds. I will swap out video cards one day and see if its realted.

    I also have a few dead AMD CPU's from thermal love.
    Before you dipshits go off about HSF not seated correctly. try to explain that to AMD they need a few pointers on how to design a CPU.
  34. Hey fugger, I thought you were some top notch something or other? For someone who is supposedly so well educated the insults sure start a flying "dipshits"? Looks like we have one of those idiots I was talking about earlier in the thread.

    Ohh and before you go off talking about how smart you are, how dumb everyone else is and how important your job is. Who the F%$# cares, obviously you can't put a proper AMD system together- Blame yourself, you hippocrite, not AMD.
  35. Well......

    I have built 67 Athlon Thunderbird systems, and not one CPU has died from overheating. (also, why did you link to the Slot A bios page?)

    The Asus A7V may not turn the computer off, but it DOES underclock (Asus mobos have done this for a looooooong time). You know it is when that annoying beep starts. I had to trouble shoot why my friends computer was beeping and got him horrible performance. Turns out that's what it was. So unless you don't even have any sort of thermal paste, or no HSF at all, you won't cake your processor.

    And besides, even Intel's failsafe isn't surefire. Don't believe me? Run a CuMine without a HSF. Or better yet, unplug it while doing some heavy duty work. See if Intel's thermal protection is so long.

    I guess I just know how to put a HSF on, while you do not. You aren't putting Socket 370 fans on are you?

    As for your stutter problem in 3DMark2000.....I smell bullshi^|^

    Oh yeah, the other day with a P3 933, I was getting heavy duty frameloss in 3DMark2000 and Q3A, with 28 different video cards. When I moved to an AMD processor, it all went away and I saved $200 too!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Intel Sux0rss lol![/sarcasm]

    See how easy it is to make stuff up on the Internet? And you still can't prove that what I just typed above didn't happen (aside from the fact that I just confessed it).
  36. And um Fugger, Ha starts with an H, not an A. So basically you were saying ah ah ah, like someone was checking your throat. So before you go telling everyone how stupid they are, why don't you learn how to laugh correctly?

    - "I forgot my shirt, but I had body glitter."
  37. The only thing I can think of why people make super long threads like this is so that we can all improve our community rank by posting stuff.

    Oh yeah...I built my first computer last week. It was the most fun I've ever had!!! (building computers that is--I'm not a *complete* dork:P). Even managed to oc the bastard to 950mhz, 28 C idle and 39 when I play any games for a long time. The only reason I can see why someone would burn up their amd chip is if they don't read into it first...or if they forget to take the sticker cover off of their HSF's thermal pad when they install it...:)

    AMD T-Bird 750@950 (9.5x100)
    FOP 38
    GeForce 2 GTS 32
    2 Maxtor 20.4 gig 7200rpm (raid 0)
    8x DVD w/32x read
    8/4/32 write/rewrite/read burner
    Aureal SQ2500
    Hauppauge WinTV PCI
    3Com 10/100 NIC
    USR ISA Winmodem
    and a pretty mid tower with 300w power supply I got off ebay for 50 bucks=P

    no compatibility problems, no stability problems...works great! It just goes to show you--even a newb can make a stable amd machine and not burn it up. So what the hell is your problem, pal?:P
  38. LOL I thought everyone used a screwdriver!!!!
  39. Later driver releases and software patches fixed everything, of coarse, but it took weeks for the drivers and patches to come, and he was starting to think he should have bought a COMPAQ by the time it was done!

    And what is wrong with a Compaq !! i workk there so yuo better explain !

    Hey man i dont know .. i just think i do !!
  40. oh yes you are so right.... get a grip the missing thermal protection is shitty but you can't take that as the whole chip design being shite , does the weak FPU in the intel CPU's make them complete crap???


    one of the first UK T-Bird users....
    OK, maybe I'm the only one in here who actually had any familiarity with them in the field! Why do they wuse those stupid setup utilities? Why do they have those stupid extra partitions? I repartitioned the drive in one, and although I lost the setup utility, it was faster for the customer! Why can't they just use real bios in their business machines? Why did I need 6 floppies to set one up and a whole CD for anohter? Why do I have to by a processor card to upgrade some of them, instead of just replacing the processor? Why do they crash all the time? Why is the performance so much slower on one than on a generic PC with the same specs? Why is the sun yellow? Why do fools fall in love?

    Suicide is painless...........
  42. Opinion, Im glad you took it personal. I merely pointed out the links to the facts, is that so bad? you try to make refernce to what I do and crap for what reason? nothing better to flame?

    Try staying on topic dipshit.

    Tempus, last time I checked AHAHAHAHAH or HAHAHAHAHA was not in the dictionary. Ill check with you next time I spell something like achoo or buurp. thanks for correcting me on that. I spelled beeotch correctly? that was a tough one.
  43. This coming from the guy that thinks that having to buy a 300 W powersupply completely nullifies the price advantage of the Athlon system LOL.

  44. Fugger that's it? Thats your rebuttle?!
    No 'I know how to build AMD systems, Dipshits', No 'I have built 140 AMD systems and they are all key chains now, Dipshits'. WOW! I am impressed.

    I hope, the reason may be that you finally realized why you were having problems setting up AMD systems all this time. As I have pointed out, it's not AMD's fault, it's the system builders fault. I hope I was integral in this revelation that you have had.

    Ohh, and by the way it's ONIPION not opinion, maybe your real problem all along was that you've lacked the skills to read the MOBO manual properly. Remember, 99.9% of AMD t-birds/Durons go on boards that have a SOCKET A not a SLOT A configuration. I think this was your problem all along.
  45. Why don't you go jump off a cliff, all the while down you can piss off about AMD, get your throat checked, and look in the dictionary fot the word HAHAHAHA. Maybe when you hit hard enough to realize your a moron! It's diehards like you that really piss me off when you don't even know what you're talking about.

    - "I forgot my shirt, but I had body glitter."
  46. Quote:

    This coming from the guy that thinks that having to buy a 300 W powersupply completely nullifies the price advantage of the Athlon system LOL.


    Ok I just found that funny.
  47. I have built 1274322734 machines and I know what im doing...
    WTF like you put a notch in your bedpost for each machine you build, LMAO

    We donated at least 140 machines last month from Raytheon install.

    Tempus, your really trying hard on that last reply. sit down and shut up before you hurt yourself.
  48. Thanks for noticing my effort on that last one. That fall obviously had a positive effect on you.

    - "I forgot my shirt, but I had body glitter."
  49. Your asking me? I have no idea. Ask Mr.Old Hand (all respect given), he wrote it.

    - "I forgot my shirt, but I had body glitter."
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