Did I make an OK choice?

After much debate between the Dell U2312HM and the LG IPS235V i bit the bullet and bought the LG from Best Buy considering they have a 30 day return program and Ive had poor experiences ordering from dell in the past. The two main points everyone kept bringing up about the LG was the bad response time and the light bleed. The blur is not noticeable to me. The backlight bleed is no worst than any other LCD I've ever owned, barely even there. Picture quality is superb, colors vibrant.

Here's my question, would love someone who has seen both monitors in person to answer but this may not be possible so just an educated response would be awesome...and i'm only asking so that the thought isn't nagging me forever:

Judging just by picture quality alone (color, contrast etc) not response time, form factor, or anything else would the difference between the LG and the Dell be big enough to warrant me returning the LG and ordering the Dell?
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  1. Keep it!IT'S A GREAT MONITOR!
  2. Looking at the TFT Central panel database, I think both use the exact same panel internally, so there would be zero difference in image quality.
  3. I would keep it!
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