Do any AMD CPUs have Thermal Protection

I am thinking of buying an AMD processor for my next system. I know that the Duron's don't have Thermal Protection but to the Thunderbird or faster Athlon's have Thermal Protection?

Thanks in Advance....Chris
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  1. No.
  2. This is a feature only available on some motherboards (not supported by Asus A7V).
  3. the answer is no, it's funny how none of the amd puppies answered this one. It's like they're trying to keep this info from ppl. But! the Dr is in,...and reporting the facts. Check out his latest review on the Amd 850.
  4. crashman said "no" -- that's all there is to say on the topic. personally, I came, I saw, I noticed the answer, it was sufficient, I went to other threads :)...

    notice also how "AMD puppies" didn't try to hide the fact or mask it, although the thread had 60 views:)

    Have a great day:)
  5. Nuclear Power is safe, The Earth is flat, Elvis is alive and Athlons dont need Thermal protection
  6. The US Navy has had nearly every boat it owns running on one or two nuclear reacters since the 70's including subs and they haven't had one incident. That's hundreds maybe thousands of reactors running all day long all over the world. I'm not making a point here, just saying that's all. Ok well, maybe my point is that nuke power, which I believe south texas relies apon to some extent so I can't be too hateful towards it, is as safe as the people running it. And everyone knows that children can eat nuclear waste, so problem solved.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  7. Your eyes are tyred from watching too much Intel comercials on TV , so you didn't notice that between first message in this thread , and your message two guys written "NO" .

    All i can give you is the truth. Nothing more.
  8. >> Elvis is Alive

    I've seen Elvis... really...

    not the Presley one, mind you, but an Elvis nonetheless... :)
  9. Yes it can be done!
    You need two programs that work together:
    first you need "MBM"(motherboard monitor) which can be found on
    then you need "Shutdown" which has a funtion that can read and act on the values given by MBM. Shutdown can be found here...
    I am certainly gonna use them when I finish building my new system.
  10. um kinda- if the cpu has a problem during a win 98 session, but since those progs don't start before windows, then a chip can easily burn up during boot up if the heat sink slips/ fan dies etc. And even during a session sometimes it isn't fast enough. The answer really is that there is no sure fire (Intel like) thermal protection for Amd chips. Yet I will buy nothing else.

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  11. Athlons/Durons/K6's don't, but I think Hammer (x86-64) series chips will and Athlon Palomino might not even need it (people are saying they will require just a passive heatsink!).

    Paired with a good mobo with overheat-shutoff kind of features you'll probably be fine. If it goes, just claim off insurance :)

    Nah, seriously, most people don't have any problems so long as they buy a good heatsink & fan. Also, you can always hear when a fan goes bye-bye (the sound coming from your computer changes, and you have about 5s before chip death to pull out the wall plug).
  12. it is a simple issue of using McGwayer (sp?) like methodology and apply it to the problem at hand... clearly what one needs to do is set a rig which, according to a temperature reading from the CPU (use one of those old spring-thermometers, since they give you more kinetic energy then liquid ones) spray the insides of the case with cooling, non-conductive liquid; material will vary by personal preference, but liquid nitrogen or dry ice are my favourites. Cooling material would be kept in high-pressure tanks which would assure its far-sub-zero temperature... optional customized solutions would connect to the soundcard playing sampled sounds from Star Trek The Next Generation "Core Meltdown in 10 seconds", as well as air-sealing the case so that harmful vapours don't hurt the user (always a plus:)
  13. On start up, I agree with you JC but once in Windows they can give total protection.
    The temp value on which the power-down is activated can be set to any value you like so, on the safe side.
    If RPM of the ventilator drops, power-down is activated.
    The shut-down can activate the power button on the ATX case which gives an instand shutdown.
    So I think it can protect you 99% of the time your PC is running.
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